Blood Transfusion

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The Blood Transfusion department offers a range of tests and services to ensure the safe and effective use of blood components for patients e.g. red cells, platelets and plasma.

The Blood  Transfusion Department work's to nationally agreed standards as set out by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) and Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Authority (MHRA). We also work closely with NHS Blood & Transplant.

The laboratory undertakes the full range of blood group and antibody identification and provide appropriate blood for transfusion to patients.  blood bank

We also undertake monitoring of blood groups and antibodies in pregnancy and more specialised management of patients with complex transfusion needs.

Hospital Transfusion Services The Blood Transfusion Department works in conjunction with a team of transfusion practitioners to promote safe transfusion practice within the trust. The service is overseen by the Hospital Transfusion Committee (HTC) and hospital transfusion team. These groups ensure the safe and appropriate use of blood within the trust by coordinating the transfusion policy, education and appropriate use of blood. The HTC works to regional and national standards set by the Regional and National Blood Transfusion Committees. The hospital participates in the national reporting scheme for transfusion incidents (SHOT).


Blood Transfusion service

The Blood Transfusion service provides clinical support to all clinical disciplines. These include obstetrics, neonatology, haematology and others. Areas of special interest include transfusion support to sickle cell disease patients and neonatal patients.The blood transfusion laboratory is based in the Pathology Department on the first floor, green corridor (next door to ITU). Approximately 6000 units of blood are used by patients in the trust annually.

Our mission is to provide the best blood component or product and the best clinical advice.


Emergency out-of-hours service (please Bleep 234 or Ext 7894 to contact the duty Biomedical Scientist for Haematology/ Blood transfusion