Blood transfusion requests

Please consider the following...


Group and Save requests

"Group and Save" request samples are ABO and Rh (D)-grouped and screened for atypical antibodies.

The patient sample is saved for up to 7 days depending on the patient's transfusion history (antenatal samples are only kept for 3 days due to the risk of maternal antibodies developing during the pregnancy).

Cross-match requests

ABO and Rh (D) compatible donor units are selected and cross-matched for named patients and held for that patient until 09:00, 48 hours after the date from which the request was originally made.

If your patient has been transfused, a fresh sample for further cross-matching will be required after 3 days (72 hours).  Please allow as much time as possible to complete grouping, antibody screening and/or cross-matching in case atypical antibodies are encountered.

If your patient has atypical antibodies, compatible blood must be cross-matched. There is a possibility this may incur a delay in providing units as the National Blood and Transplant Service will have to supply us with appropriate units for cross-matching if we don't hold them in our stock.

The hospital operates a Maximum Surgical Blood Ordering Schedule (MSBOS.) Under normal circumstances the Transfusion laboratory will cross-match according to the MSBOS unless clear reasons for doing otherwise are provided by the requesting clinician. 

For further details, please contact the laboratory on Ext. 7894 bleep 234.