Carers at Homerton

Being a carer can be hard work, cause isolation, worry and financial pressure. It's important to take into account the carer's own health and well being hence the importance of the carer's assessment.

It is important that carers know they are getting all the support that they are entitled eg practical, emotional and financial. Carers can apply for a carer’s allowance.

What does the carers specialist do?

  • liaises on carers' behalf with hospital staff, social services and voluntary services
  • provides carers with relevant information
  • recognises carers' expertise by listening to their concerns and responding appropriately
  • considers carers' health and well being
  • provides emotional support for carers
  • ensures that carers understand what's happening whilst their relatives are in hospital and about their discharge from hospital.

Carers assessment
A carers assessment is a checklist which helps to identify the tasks performed in the caring role. It gives the carer an opportunity to express any difficulties that they have.

It helps plan the care needs of the person being cared for and a smooth discharge taking into account the needs of the carer.

How can you refer to the carers specialist?
Contact Sophie Fagan on 020 8510 8817 or leave a message and Sophie will call you to book an appointment.

How will the carers specialist help?

  • by meeting the carers to discuss concerns and anxieties
  • liaise with other professionals and be supportive
  • making sure carers' questions are answered
  • attend case conferences and multi-disciplinary team meetings
  • help with complex cases
  • help with discharge planning and social service referrals
  • provide information about benefits.