When the fun stops and if you feel unsafe there is support

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What is chemsex?

Chemsex can be described as sex under the influence of drugs. The most frequently reported drugs used during Chemsex are Mephedrone, GHB/GBL and Crystal Methamphetamine(tina). Chemsex, Chems and Alcohol are manageable for some but if that is no longer the case then there is help. 

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So what are the risks

Engaging in Chemsex may expose you to risks affecting all aspects of your life

  • physical health - effects of drugs, complications from how you take them, dependency
  • mental health-anxiety, depression, psychotic symptoms, social isolation or withdrawal, sexual performance related anxiety.
  • sexual health -STI transmission including HIV and hepatitis C
  • difficulty in engaging in sober sex leading to performance-related anxiety

What do we offer

We offer a self-assessment service and discussion around what support could be accessed.

This can help you gain an understanding and look at where life is at the moment.

It’s a space to think about making changes like reducing or stopping use, what support you may need.

We can refer directly to Antidote which is the Chemsex, chems and alcohol service at London Friend”