Clinical advice and interpretation

Clinical advice on appropriate laboratory investigations and on the interpretation of test results is of increasing importance given the increased range and complexity of laboratory investigations that has been seen in recent years.

It is essential that patients in hospital and community settings are cared for by clinical staff who have 24/7 access to timely clinical laboratory expertise. Moreover, the clinical laboratory expertise must be aligned to the repertoire of tests offered by a given laboratory.

Should you wish to discuss a clinical matter directly please use the links provided to navigate to the relevant department for the contact details of appropriate clinical staff.  Should you wish to look for more general information about individual laboratory tests please consult the Pathology test directory whilst more detailed guidance on how to interpret a given data set may be found in these clinical advice (and interpretation) pages which have been organised by discipline for your convenience. 

To Contact Pathology Dept Clinicians & Out of Hours Service personnel via Bleep or Aircall
Homerton Hospital Switchboard 
0208 510 5555
Direct Phlebotomy Services Ext 7459
Central Pathology Reception  For all initial Pathology enquiries Ext 7174 
Central Pathology Reception Fax 0208 510 7555
Clinical Biochemistry Ext 7887 / 7888
Haematology/BloodTransfusion Ext 7892 / 7894
Blood Bank Ext 7894
Medical Microbiology Ext 7187
Infection Prevention & Control Services

Ext 7557 or Bleep 205 (Monday-Friday 09:00-17:00) Click Here for full information page.



Clinical advice (including choice of test, clinical interpretation of results, diagnostic, prognostic or other information) is available from the department on a 24/7 basis.

For general enquires the laboratory has a team of Biomedical Scientists who can provide information on requesting, specimen collection, sample interferences, validity of results, biological variation and cascade testing (During core hours : 020 8510 7887/8 Out of hours: bleep 233) should this be required.

Specialist clinical advice will be provided by an on-site clinical biochemistry Consultant during normal working hours. They can be contacted via telephone on 020 8510 7886 during routine office hours. For out-of-hours access to the Duty Consultant, please contact the clinical biochemistry laboratory on bleep 233.


Clinical guidance regulation The Homerton Pathology department endeavours to ensure that advice given by technical staff is of the highest quality through a combination of clinical oversight, in-house training programmes, ongoing competency assessment and continuing professional development on the part of individual staff members (which is in turn mandated by the Health & Care Professions Council.)

The provision of clinical advice and interpretive guidance is regulated by the Clinical Pathology Accreditation (CPA UK Ltd.) agency, which ensures the processes of clinical oversight and input by Pathology-based clinicians is sufficiently robust to meet the needs of its users. 

Clinical Biochemistry advice



Specialist assay services

As a tertiary service provider of specialist testing to other hospital laboratories, the Clinical Biochemistry department is well-placed to advise clinicians with regards interpreting biochemical markers of alcohol abuse (urine EtG/EtS, serum CDT,) serum protein electrophoresis (plasma cell dyscrasia,) and ALP-isoenzymes assay (to delineate tissue source of ALP e.g. liver, bone, intestine, placenta).

We have recently developed a comprehensive service for assessment of cobalamin (B12) status by way of MMA (functional marker of vitamin B12 deficiency) and holotranscobalamin assays (active vitamin B12) in addition to having considerable experience in Vitamin D3/D2 testing for which the department has international renown. Please click on the individual links for further information on these tests and indeed others for which Biochemistry provides a specialist referral service.