image of an e-redbook smartphone App The Trust is encouraging patients who wish to record important healthcare information about their child to use the eRedbook. This is a digitial version of the Redbook that is given to all parents. Health professionals will talk with pregnant women, new mums and their partners to encourage them to register for the e-Redbook but paper versions will still be provided to all parents.

You can self-register by downloading and following the instructions in the e-Redbook app.

The e-Redbook will provide convenient, online access to

  • Antenatal advice and information
  • timelines and reminders about screenings, health reviews and immunisations
  • growth measurements and charts
  • information and advice on a child’s developmental ‘firsts’ (feeding, moving, words and so on)
  • tailored advice and information by age and location

You will also be able to add photos and your own notes, including antenatal records; be able to share access with members of your family and, if you choose, health professionals. You can also save notes and questions for your next health visit and add photos to developmental firsts.

Initially birth notification details and then new-born screening test results immunisations records and health checks - will flow into the eRedbook directly from your GP or health visitor.

If you have any queries about the eRedbook please contact your named midwife or health visitor meanwhile some of your questions may be answered in this video.

eRedbook for Parents (NHS) from Sitekit on Vimeo.