Histopathology and Cytology

These services are currently contracted through Barts Health NHS Trust Hospital's. 

If you experience any difficulty with access to results, please contact the RLH Histopathology Office for Reports: 020 3246 0172
Laboratory: 020 3246 0180
or email pramudi.kosgodage@nhs.net

Routine Specimens

The tissue must be placed in an adequate sized container with at least five times its volume of fixative. Specimens should be labelled with the following details:

  • Patient’s Family Name
  • Patient’s First Name
  • Hospital Number
  • Specimen Type

The specimen(s) must be accompanied by an accurately completed request form. Failure to provide adequate clinical information may mean that the Histopathologist reporting may find it necessary to contact you, which will delay the issuing of a report.

Please note: formalin-fixed tissue is unsuitable for bacteriological examination.

If this is required please either send two separate pots or send fresh tissue but contact the laboratory immediately so that appropriate arrangements can be made to divide the specimen.

Routine Turnaround Times (TAT)

80% of non-urgent histology is reported within 7 working days although cases requiring longer fixation or special investigation may take longer. 

If results are required sooner, please contact a senior member of the Royal London Histology laboratory staff giving the clinical reasons for the urgency.

Frozen Sections

Requests for frozen sections should be booked as early as possible. This is especially important if a particular consultant is required to examine the specimen. Contact the pathology reception team leader or supervisor to pre-book a courier.


Specimens should be taken during normal working hours if possible. Specimens left in refrigerators overnight are not satisfactory. Where possible take specimens early in the morning. Pleural and ascetic fluids (if available, at least 50ml) must be added to a container with sodium citrate to prevent clotting, since clotted specimens make unsatisfactory preparations. These containers can be obtained from Pathology.

The turnaround time for routine gynaecological cytology varies with workload but slides are normally reported within 12 working days.