Information for Patients

The Pathology Department at Homerton Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust is a well-equipped facility located on the ground and first floors in the Green Zone of the main Hospital Building. 
Visitors to Pathology should report to the Pathology Reception, on the first floor, which can be found via the Main Hospital entrance and following the signs for Pathology.

The Pathology laboratories operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year, and are open for receipt and processing of routine specimens during the hours stated below. 


Please write the date and time when you produce the sample onto the container provided by your GP (on each sample container and any forms you are submitting for testing). 

If you have been referred to the pathology department by your GP for a blood test, please see Phlebotomy for opening hours and contact details.

Pathology departments availability and services provided

Monday - Friday
Saturday & Sunday
Bank Holiday 
Out of Hours service (OOH) 
(Emergency work) 
Pathology Reception  08:00–20:00  09:00–17:00 09:00– 13:00        Not Available
Clinical Biochemistry  09:00–20:00  09:00–17:30 09:00–20:00 17:30 - 09:00           Bleep 233 (24hrs)
Haematology & Blood Transfusion  09:00–20:00  09:00–20:00 09:00–20:00 20:00 - 09:00           Bleep 234 (24Hrs)
Microbiology  08:00–20:00                  09:00–17:30                 09:00–17:30 Contact out of hrs staff via switch board

Please note: Verbal reports via Telephone, or by Fax are never given to patients.

Patients are asked to contact their clinician / GP for laboratory results at the time specified by the surgery and not to phone the laboratory where the tests were carried out.

This follows strict guidance and control by local SOP's and the guidance given by the Institute of Biomedical Science (IBMS)

Telephoned communication of results will only be given to recognised medical staff, out-of-hours call handlers, ward sisters, staff nurses, midwives or other designated healthcare professionals. 

Homerton Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust is committed to ensuring that the confidentiality of those who give information, and those who are the subject of information, is respected and that their rights in relation to identifiable information are protected.

The Pathology Department follows the Homerton Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust policy on Data Protection and Information Governance.

Specimen Storage prior to arrival at Pathology:

To increase the sensitivity of diagnostic testing all specimens should be delivered to the pathology reception as soon as possible, however if storage at home is required (e.g overnight) then after collection they may be stored refrigerated at 4oC until they are dropped off, or if unsure check with your GP surgery for guidance and advice.


Reception Team Leader: Pamela Dabney Ext 7223

Reception Supervisor: Arwa Naji  Ext 7553