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Domestic Violence Advocate in Clifden Centre clinic on Thursdays

Domestic Abuse Infographic

We know that domestic violence in all its forms can affect people's sexual health - as well as their mental wellbeing and physical health in general

Domestic violence can affect anyone - of any age and any gender or sexuality. It is also not just physical, but can involve emotional or financial abuse, or coercive control.

Protecting yourself from STIs, preventing unwanted pregnancy, or managing health problems like HIV are all more difficult in an abusive relationship.

We are delighted to now have an Independent Domestic Violence Advocate (IDVA) based in our Clifden Centre clinic on Thursdays, in partnership with Victim Support.

We can also refer to the IDVA service from all of our clinics on any day.

IDVAs support victims of domestic abuse to become safer, sooner. They work tirelessly to be an advocate for victims at their most vulnerable.

IDVAs work with the range of agencies that somebody experiencing domestic violence might need - such as healthcare, councils, police and the courts. They also support people whether or not they are feeling ready to leave the abusive situation, and regardless of whether they want to involve the police. For example, an IDVA might help someone to create plans to help them stay safe.

This partnership means that we can easily and seamlessly refer people onto expert support - and it is even possible to see the IDVA in our clinic.

We are also committed to continuously striving to improve our own skills in talking about and responding to domestic violence: we want people to be able to tell us anything that is affecting their wellbeing. We might not have the answers or the solution, but we will listen without judgement and find the right help.


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