Live Online Classes

Our 4 week programmes take place on the virtual platform Microsoft Teams. Instructions on how to use MS Teams can be downloaded here; MS Teams instructions.pdf

There will be at least 2 physiotherapists taking the virtual class; one (or two) to demonstrate the exercises and one to explain the exercises and answer questions.  

The exercise component will last between 30-45 minutes after which there will be an opportunity to ask questions.  

On your first week, please log in 10-15 minutes early so that the class therapist can discuss safety information with you and help with any technological issues.  

Class information

Due to social-distancing restrictions we are not currently able to provide in-person groups. We have recorded our exercise classes & provide live online classes to help you continue your physiotherapy independently.  

These resources are designed for current patients of the Locomotor service who have been screened and referred by one of our physiotherapists. All classes include an easier and more challenging version of each exercise so please consider which is most suitable for your level of ability.  

Before you start the class

Before starting any of our programmes we advise you to watch the following presentations:  

A Physiotherapist’s Guide to Exercise: Pain, Effort and Advice (15 minutes): 

The benefits of exercise and how much to do (4 minutes):  

What do i need to be able to join the live class?


  • A computer or phone connected to the internet. A camera function will mean we can see you exercise and give you more advice and feedback, but it is not essential to leave your camera on.   

  • Please have a bottle of water available and any medication you might need (e.g.  inhaler or GTN spray) 

  • Some classes encourage the use of extra resistance, so small weights (or bottles of water) or resistance band can be useful, if you have any. Please ensure this is in good condition before you use it.  

  • Comfortable loose clothing and trainers are recommended for all classes. You will not be required to undress during any virtual classes, as you may have been asked in your individual assessment.  


  • Space to exercise where you can see your device. You will need enough space to stretch your arms out and lie on the floor or a bed.  
  • To exercise safely, please ensure the area is clear of any trip hazards such as loose rugs or furniture 

Who will be able to see/hear me?

This a group class so you may be seen/heard by the other attendees if you have your microphone and/or camera switched on.  


However, your microphone will be muted during the exercise component of the class and you have the option to turn off your camera. If you would like us to give you any feedback we encourage you to keep your camera switched on.

How hard should I push myself in the class?

Because these classes are designed to improve your strength and fitness, you should find them challenging. You should feel your heart beat faster, your muscles get tired and you might find it difficult to talk in a full sentence. However when you stop, you should recover quickly and any increase in pain should be short-lived (no more than approximately 30 minutes).  

Especially if you are new to exercising or have had a break, it is important to build up your exercise tolerance gradually. All classes and videos will give an easier option for each exercise, so please use this option if you are new to this type of exercise.  

Each class will include a warm up and cool down, so please ensure you participate in these to reduce your risk of soreness during or after the class.  

Can I ask questions or have feedback on my exercises?

If you would like to ask a question during the exercises, please type this in using the chat function. 


At the end of the class, there will be another opportunity to ask questions. You can still use the chat function, or you can use the ‘raise your hand’ button, and we will unmute your microphone so you can ask your question.  

What should I do if I get disconnected?

Please click on the same email link provided to reconnect. You will be held in a waiting room until the class physios can ‘readmit’ you into the class. If you are still unable to connect to the class with the link provided please email with your full name. Please note this email address should not be used for any urgent clinical queries.  

What should I do if I cannot attend?

If you are going to miss one of your classes please email with your full name and the name of the class, in advance of the class. You can also tell the therapist after the previous class that you will not be attending a future week.  

What happens after my 4th week?

Just before or after your 4th week you will be contacted by telephone or email to repeat the MSK-HQ and to give feedback on your experience of the classes.  

After your agreed finish date you will no longer be admitted to the online class.  

On completion of the class we encourage you to continue with regular exercise to help self-manage your musculoskeletal condition. If you feel you are unable to do this and require further physiotherapy input, please contact us for an appointment. If you do not contact us following your last class, you will be discharged from the service.  

Who are the classes for?

These resources are designed for current patients of the Locomotor service who have been screened and referred by one of our physiotherapists.  

If you feel your symptoms or circumstances have changed and you may no longer be able to suitable for the class/video, or if you require any individualised advice, please call the Clinical Assessment Service and ask for a ‘Groups and Classes drop in appointment’  

0207 683 4676 (Monday – Friday between 9 and 5pm)