SHOT (Serious Hazards of Transfusion)
The United Kingdom’s independent, professionally led haemovigilance scheme.

SHOT is the United Kingdom’s independent, professionally- led haemovigilance scheme. It started in 1996 and was the first such scheme in the world. SHOT collects and analyses anonymised information on adverse events and reactions in blood transfusion from all healthcare organisations that are involved in the transfusion of blood and blood components in the United Kingdom. Where risks and problems are identified, SHOT produces recommendations to improve patient safety. The recommendations are put into its annual report which is then circulated to all the relevant organisations including the four UK Blood Services, the Departments of Health in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland and all the relevant professional bodies as well as circulating it to all of the reporting hospitals. As haemovigilance is an ongoing exercise, SHOT can also monitor the effect of the implementation of its recommendations. 

Joint statement from the MHRA and SHOT

SHOT and the MHRA have produced a joint statement about their plans to work together to find ways to clarify, simplify and rationalise haemovigilance reporting in the UK.

This statement is also available on the MHRA website.