Transfer scheme

The Transfer Scheme is for all Homerton Band 5 Staff Nurses. It is a fast-tracked process to support you to move sideways into a different department or specialty. 

Feedback from our staff is that they wanted more flexibility and a need to simplify the recruitment process for staff wishing to explore internal opportunities that are available at the same grade but in a different area within the Trust. At present, our Transfer Scheme is only open for Band 5 nurses. 

Criteria for applying: 

  • Worked at Homerton for 9 months or more. 
  • Completed all mandatory training and any local competencies. 
  • Had a recent PDR (If applicable) 
  • Under no disciplinary, capability or sickness management. 

Please read the guidelines for our Transfer Scheme.

When can I apply?
As long as you have met the criteria, whenever you are ready! The scheme is now open 24/7, 12 months a year to receive applications.

Where could I move to?
Many of our departments and managers are looking for Nurses to transfer into their services, including: 

Emergency Department
Children's Emergency Department
Theatres & Theatre Recovery
Surgical Centre
Elderly Care
Acute Medical Wards
Acute Surgical Wards

How can I apply?

It's very simple; there are 3 basic steps to follow which you can read here

Step 1-Complete the 2 forms below

Expression of Interest form

Managers Authorisation Form

You need to deliver these in person or by post to the Human Resources office. You can find this at  the Employee Relations Office, 54/56 Clifden Road, Homerton University Hospital E9 6SR. 

Step 2: If you have met the minimum criteria, you will then hold a Transfer Request Meeting with the potential new manager. This is a relaxed, informal meeting to get to know each other and make sure you are eligible to move to this new department. 

The Transfer meeting form will need to be completed by your new manager and submitted with the outcome. 

Transfer Meeting Form

Step 3: Once all the above is completed, you will receive a letter confirming your move and the date you will be transferred. You would usually be expected to work your notice period in your current area before you transfer.