Continence Service

Continence Service

The service assists parents / carers with the management of day or night wetting and bowel soiling habits.  It is available to every child 4 to 17 years in the boroughs of City of London and Hackney. It includes the Paediatric Continence Service and the Toileting Advisory Service. 

The Community Paediatric Continence Clinic accepts referrals for assessment and management of children with night-time wetting with or without daytime symptoms. Children with constipation or faecal soiling without urinary symptoms are not seen in this clinic. The service can offer pre and post void ultrasounds for assessment and treatment options including alarms and medication. Complex and resistant cases are referred to the Evelina Children’s Hospital for third tier input. 

The Toileting Advisory Service assists parents / carers with

  • Advice on bladder / bowel training
  • Strategies for potty / toilet training
  • Dietary guidance
  • Containment products for bladder and bowel incontinence

Anyone may make a referral for children over 4 years with bowel or urinary continence problems.

Once the child or young person is accepted unto the service, they will be offered an appointment to be seen by either the paediatrician or specialist nurse in one of our Enuresis or Continence clinics depending on the problem.

Further information contact 
Paediatric Continence clinic Administrator: Tel: 020 7683 4912
Toileting Advisory Service service: Tel 020 7014 7111

Paediatric Continence Service drop-in clinic dates and venues for 2020 are here

All are welcome no appointment necessary
Come along for practical advice on potty training and toileting that is proven to work


  • the continence specialist nurse to answer your questions and discuss any concerns including day and night time wetting; constipation and soiling
  • other health care professionals involved in your child’s toileting and continence
  • other parents and share experiences
  • Learn about and view available products for your child’s individual needs