Our Values and what they mean

It is now widely accepted that it is not what somebody does but how that task is carried out that really makes a difference to how our patients, service users and our staff evaluate the quality of a service.

We have developed four core Values for the Trust which form the framework for how we deliver services and relate to one another. Each of the Values is accompanied by a set of behaviours which were developed by staff from across the organisation.

Our values logo

In addition to over 1,500 members of staff, our Values were developed with the input of our patients and service users. This gives them a real strength and reinforces the importance that they form the foundation of all that we do.

The links between clear values and strong culture to better outcomes and patient experience are now well established. By making a personal and team commitment to live up to our Values every day, we can ensure our services meet and exceed the expectations of our patients and service users.

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