Our services are very busy right now but we are open for business and it is safe for you to attend for care when needed. Please call 111 for advice, unless it is a life-threatening emergency.

19 July Update: Masks and socially distancing still required in all Homerton sites

We are committed to ensuring the health, safety, and wellbeing of our patients, communities, and staff. As cases are rising, we are maintaining all of the safety measure that we have had in place over the course of the pandemic after the covid restrictions are lifted across England on Monday 19 July 2021.

This means that we require all staff, patients, and visitors to continue to wear face coverings and socially distance while inside any of the buildings on the Homerton University Hospital site and in the community.

As part of the measures to keep everyone safe we are welcoming as few visitors into our hospital as possible. Please visiting/partner arrangements below

Thank you for your continued support and cooperation to keep us all safe.


Please do not come to the hospital if you have Covid-19 symptoms, except for in an emergency. If you are unsure, please call 111 for advice.

Covid-19 Vaccine updates. Get your vaccine to stay safe

Have you had your Covid-19 vaccine?

Almost 90% of patients admitted to Intensive Care Units with Covid-19 in north east London are not fully vaccinated.

Between 14 July and 2 September 2021, 203 patients with Covid-19 were admitted to intensive care units (ICU) across north east London (NEL). Of these, 90% (181) were not fully vaccinated, with most tending to be on average six years younger than patients admitted to ICU who are fully vaccinated.

ICUs play an important role in hospitals, including looking after patients undergoing major surgery, for conditions such as cancer and heart disease. Now, with one-third of ICU beds across NEL occupied by people with Covid-19, this surge in critically ill patients is having a significant impact on the care of other patients. 

To protect yourself and your loved ones, and to reduce pressures on our hospitals, everyone who is eligible for a Covid-19 vaccine that hasn’t already had one is strongly advised to do so as soon as possible. Getting vaccinated will reduce your chances of becoming seriously ill with Covid-19, meaning your less likely to be admitted to hospital. This is better for you, will reduce pressures on hospitals and will reduce delays in care for other patients who need it.

You can receive a Covid-19 vaccine at the NHS Covid-19 vaccination centre on The Street at Westfield, 7 days a week. For more information on other places to receive a vaccine, visit the North East London Commissioning Group website


Book your vaccination today!

The Covid-19 vaccine reduces your chance of becoming infected by almost 80% and could prevent the need to self-isolate in certain situations. 

There are over 50 vaccination centres across North East London and everyone aged 18 and over is invited to get the vaccine. You can book your appointment via the national booking system here: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/coronavirus-vaccination/book-coronavirus-vaccination/, call 119, or attend a walk in vaccination clinic.

Full details on all vaccination sites in North East London can be found here: https://www.eastlondonhcp.nhs.uk/ourplans/where-to-get-vaccinated-in-north-east-london.htm

Second Doses

Remember - second doses are really important to ensure you have maximum protection. They are given 8 weeks following your first dose and appointments will be offered following your first dose. You can also book your second dose on the national booking system

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about the Covid-19 vaccines, you can find the answers to frequently asked questions by clicking here

Frequently Asked Questions - Pregnancy, breastfeeding, and fertility

If you have questions about having the vaccine while pregnant or breastfeeding, or around fertility, you can see the answers to frequently asked questions in this document: Covid vaccines in pregnancy breastfeeding and fertility FAQ.pdf

Frequently Asked Questions for younger adults

If you are a young adult and have questions about the Covid-19 vaccines, you can also see the answers to frequently asked questions by clicking here.



Visiting Arrangements - Updated July 2021

Outpatient appointments and diagnostic appointments

Adults - patients are encouraged to attend appointments alone wherever possible, with exceptions in place for carers. 

Children - only one parent/carer should attend the appointment with the patient

The above restrictions are in place to help us maintain social distancing inside our buildings

Adult wards

Visitors can access adult wards to visit relatives - two named visitors per patient between 12 noon and 5pm. Only one visitor can be present at a time, the two visitors must remain the same throughout admission. There will be some exceptions, e.g. carer responsibiltiies or end of life care, which will be discussed directly with the patients and relatives. 

Starlight ward 

One parent / guardian can stay with their child at all times, and one other visitor will be allowed but we ask that only one adult with the child patient at the bedside. .

The Children's Emergency Area 

The Children's Emergency Area in the A&E remains 'open' at Homerton 24 hours a day to care for children.


Two parents nominated who are in the family bubble, one parent at the cot side at any one time. Open visiting on the unit between 7am and 8pm. 


From Monday 12 April  one adult partner is allowed for all antenatal appointments and scans with the following guidance:

  • There will be a national programme in place to offer Lateral Flow Testing kits to all women and their partners – details of this are anticipated to be shared with us by the end of this week
  • Women/partners to collect kits and test as advised by national guidance
  • Women/partners to attend appointments if no symptoms or recent exposure to COVID-19 – if symptomatic, exposed, or positive on LFT they will be advised to contact their midwife/helpline to discuss their upcoming appointments and next steps. Women should still access care if urgent. In the case of DNA the DNA process must be followed and the woman contacted.
  • Women/partners to adhere to the screening processes currently in place at the main entrance of the hospital and to the community sites
  • Partners will be refused entry if they decline to adhere to the PPE guidance. They will not be required to provide proof of testing but will be asked to upload the result to the national database.
  • Partners will be asked to wait in the glass corridor (Picton Suite if seating to capacity in the corridor) and the woman will call her partner once she enters the clinic room

Two birth partners on labour ward (delivery suite)

Antenatal ward 

24 hour visiting – one birth partner only, no children at any time.

Postnatal ward 

Visiting between 10am – 6pm – One birth partner. No children at any time.

For more information on Maternity arrangements, please see the maternity services page here: https://www.homerton.nhs.uk/maternity-services

Lamb ward 

Visiting has ceased until further notice as it continues to be our COVID admissions ward. There will be exceptions and discussions will be held with the relatives.

Intensive Care Unit

Visiting has ceased for the COVID side of the intensive care unit. There will be exceptions and discussions will be held with the relatives.

Patients coming to the end of life
Relatives will be as asked to supply staff with a list of family members. Only one family member at a time can access the hospital.

For safety reasons and social distancing rules, we ask that visitors do not congregate in corridors. For other areas such as children and maternity we continue to have restricted visiting in place and access to those areas will only be by named persons as provided to the nursing staff.

Blood tests
If you are coming to the hospital for blood tests, please enter the hospital via the front entrance to the site on Homerton Row, and ask for directions to the Clifden Centre where our phlebotomists are holding blood testing sessions.

Mary Seacole Nursing Home

Three named visitors are allowed between 10.30am and 6pm, only one visitor may be a present at a time and the three visitors must remain the same throughout admission. 

Attending our hospital

If you are attending our hospital for care or as a visitor you will be greeted by our screeners at the entrances who will ask you some questions to ensure it is safe for you to enter. Although outside you no longer need to wear a mask to protect everyone we still need you to wear a mask when inside the hospital or community healthcare setting, apply gel to your hands at entry and exit, and keep a safe distance for others.

Options for seeking a Covid-19 test (and avoiding coming to hospital)

Press Release

Please don’t come to hospital for a Covid-19 test says Homerton

Homerton Hospital is appealing to local people not to come to the Accident and Emergency Department in order to request a Covid-19 test. The hospital is also urging schools and businesses to cease referring parents and employees to the A&E.

Dr Emma Rowland, the lead clinician for the Emergency Department at Homerton said: “Whilst we appreciate that local people are having difficulties in obtaining a test, we would urge them not to come to the hospital A&E department seeking a test.

“Our A&E and children’s A&E have remained open at all times during the pandemic, but our team is currently extremely busy in the department dealing with patients requiring urgent medical treatment and for patients that do not require admission to hospital, COVID-19 tests will not be performed. Our message to you is if you feel unwell and require medical advice, please call 111, your GP or in an emergency 999 so that we can ensure you are treated by the best service available.

“If you require a COVID test, please call 119. COVID tests will not be performed on behalf of 119 at the Emergency Department. If you arrive in the Emergency Department and it is felt by staff that your needs may be better met elsewhere (such as pharmacy, dressing clinics or your GP), you may be redirected away from the Emergency Department to this alternative service.

“Our aim is to ensure that the right patient is seen in the right service in a timely fashion, whilst also maintaining infection control safety for patients, relatives and staff within the Emergency Department. If you do need to attend the Emergency Department, it is likely that your relatives will be asked to wait outside of the department (excluding exceptional circumstances) in order to reduce the potential infection risk caused by crowding.”

Another factor for the hospital is that local people are only just regaining confidence to attend clinics and appointments as services slowly return to some level of normality and there have been no new Covid cases in recent weeks. If people who may have Covid-19 symptoms start coming to the hospital for testing there is a risk of cross infection leading to parts of the hospital having to close down again.

Chief Nurse Catherine Pelley said: “We are working very closely with our public health colleagues in the community to ensure the public are aware of the situation relating to testing and treatment. We appeal to local schools in particular not to encourage parents to bring their children to the hospital for testing. People attending our A&E creates a potential risk of cross infection which may have a detrimental impact on our current efforts to treat many of the people who have been waiting for operations and procedures which were cancelled due to the Covid emergency.”

September 17 2020

Elective surgery

If you will be attending for elective surgery please read this leaflet:
Elective surgery on the Day Stay Unit.pdf    large print version.pdf [pdf] 1MB

Face covering and social distancing

The Government requires all patients and visitors in NHS hospitals to wear a face covering. If you are coming to Homerton Hospital, please bring a face mask or face covering to wear while you are here.

Please observe social distancing rules at all times in all parts of the hospital.

Important advice and help for those who are ‘shielding’ at home

Shielding Patient Leaflet Final June 2020

If you have existing underlying health conditions that put you at risk and you have been asked to shield at home please read this leaflet