Medical team

Dr Timothy J Watts - Clinical Lead for Allergy. Appointed as a consultant at Homerton Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust in August 2019. Consultant physician in Adult Allergy & Honorary clinical senior lecturer, and Lead for drug allergy service. His special interests are drug hypersensitivity and cutaneous allergy (patch testing).

Dr Sheena Barnett  - was appointed as a consultant in Allergy and Respiratory Medicine at Homerton Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust in January 2015. She is dually accredited in Respiratory and General Internal Medicine. She runs outpatient clinics for patients with allergy (including food, drug and venom allergy and allergic rhinitis), urticaria, angioedema, asthma and cough). She is also a Senior Lecturer at Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry.

Dr Gemma Vilà-Nadal  – was appointed as a substantive consultant at Homerton Healthcarein June 2024. She runs allergy outpatient clinics as well as leading the food challenge Day Case Unit. Her special interests include research in allergen immunotherapy and food allergy.

Respiratory Speciality Registrars (rotational x2)

Immunology Specialty Registrars (rotational x1)

Nursing & Allied Health Professional Team

Thippeswamy Billahalli - Lead Nurse-Adult Allergy

Image of Thippeswamy Billahalli

With over 20 years of experience in A&E and Respiratory care, he has dedicated the past 5 years to specializing in the allergy service. He holds a postgraduate diploma in Allergy and is a qualified Non-Medical Prescriber. His extensive training includes the management of allergy-related issues, particularly in immunotherapy, urticaria, anaphylaxis management, and conducting drug and food allergy challenges.

Claire Leck - Allergy Clinical Nurse Specialist


Claire has a background experience of working in cardiology for 9 years.  She has been in the current post since 2015. She is trained in immunotherapy, food & drug challenges, asthma care and anti-IgE therapy, allergy education including management of anaphylaxis.
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Advanced Clinical Assessment, Critical Thinking and Diagnostic Reasoning across the Lifespan 2024 – London City University.

Rama Gorrela - Lead Respiratory Physiologist
Rama, assisted by two junior respiratory/allergy physiologists / allergy technicians – undertakes both allergy and respiratory tests.

Elizabeth Barachina – Allergy Clinical Nurse Specialist.
Elizabeth has a background of respiratory medicine for over 20 years. She has been in the current role for over 4 years. She is trained in immunotherapy, food & drug challenges, asthma care and anti -IgE therapy, allergy education including management of anaphylaxis

Dayana Angel Nallamuthu
Diana has master’s in nursing with 15 years of experience in nursing with the background of cardiology and Nursing Education and teaching.
She holds MBA in hospital Management. She underwent teaching programs related to Immunotherapy, Urticaria, Anti-IgE therapy, Anaphylaxis, Food and drug allergy testing.

Xhoana Dashi-Smaili

phot of Xhoana
With many years of experience in different areas across the Trust, Xhoana has, for the past 18 months, been part of Allergy unit, running Skin Prick Test clinic. She is trained in immunotherapy treatment supporting CNS with drug and food challenges alongside other services in the clinic.

Dietitian – Dietitian with special interest in food allergy. This post is currently vacant, but the service is covered by senior dietitian from pediatrics department and has experience of seeing adult allergy patients. 

Mattia Visintin – Allergy admin staff and has been in this role since 2023.
Samina Rasheed - Allergy admin staff and has been in this role since 2021.

Wlodek Mulkowski - Service manager

Adult Allergy service - 020 8510 7729