LifeBox - digital pre-operative assessment

Digital pre-assessment helps you prepare for your upcoming procedure by sharing information with us online, which you can do from the comfort of your own home.

What is LifeBox?Graphic representing LifeBox interface

LifeBox is an App that allows you to complete your Health Questionnaire online, from the comfort of your own home and in your own time. This is an essential part of your pre-operative assessment.

By completing your health questionnaire at home through LifeBox, we will be able to collect important information about your medical history. This will enable the hospital to prepare and plan for your procedure.

What are the benefits of LifeBox?

LifeBox is very easy to use. By allowing you to complete part of your pre-operative assessment from home, LifeBox reduces unnecessary hospital visits and associated travel. It also means you have support from family, friends or carers if needed during the process.

You will also be able to view and share information with the hospital through LifeBox as well as read patient information leaflets and watch informative videos regarding your surgery.

Which patients will use LifeBox?

Most adult patients having a planned procedure under anaesthesia at Homerton Healthcare will be registered to use LifeBox.

How do I get a LifeBox account?

Once you have been added to the waiting list for your procedure, we will create a LifeBox account for you. When your profile is ready, you will be contacted by email and by text.

It is important we have your correct email address and mobile number. If you are in the hospital you can check with reception that we have your correct details.  If your contact details have changed, or you do not receive the email or text to activate your account within 3 days, please contact Booked Admissions on: 0208 510 5544 or email

How do I activate my LifeBox account?

When your account is ready, you will be contacted by email and by text to ask you to activate your account. The email you receive to activate your account will be from

Please check your junk/spam folder if you have not received the email. For more information, view the 'Activating your LifeBox account' tab.

What happens when my account is activated?

After activating your account using the two-step authentication process, you will be advised to complete your Health Questionnaire, watch any relevant procedure videos and access any information that we have uploaded. 

Kindly complete your health questionnaire within 7 days to avoid delays to your procedure. If you need any help with completing your questionnaire, please see our ‘I need Help with LifeBox' section below.

Already registered with Lifebox? Log in now!

If you already have a LifeBox account registered with Homerton Healthcare, you can log in to your account and update or review your details via the link below.

Log in to your LifeBox account

Activating your LifeBox account

Step 1 - Receiving an email from LifeBox with an activation link

You will receive an email from the hospital with an activation link within 3 working days from when you are enlisted for your procedure. The email will come from the email address

Please check your junk/spam folders if you have not received the activation link within 3 working days. If it is not there, contact the hospital booked admissions team on 0208 510 5544 or email and they will be able to send you a new link.

Step 2 - Creating a password

Use the activation link to access the sign-up page. You will need to create a secure password and confirm this password, then click ‘sign-up’.

Step 3 - Confirming your account

Once you have signed up you will see the confirmation page. A text message will be sent to your mobile phone, containing a passcode which you will need to enter here along with your email address, then click ‘confirm’.

Step 4 - Logging in

You will now see the login page. Please enter the password you have just created, then click ‘open LifeBox’.

LifeBox Instructions

Completing the LifeBox health questions

Once you have logged into your LifeBox account you will see body system icons in a circle that we refer to as the ‘wheel’. You must click on each body system and answer the questions presented.

Depending on how you answer each question you may be asked further questions. You will notice that when you have completed all required questions relating to a body system the icon on the wheel will change to a green tick.

You do not have to answer all questions in one attempt, but we will not be able to view your information until all questions have been answered.

Please answer all questions as soon as possible (but no later than 7 days after activating your account) so that we can progress your pre-operative assessment. Your procedure may be delayed if you do not complete your health questionnaire in time.

Depending on the type of procedure you are having, you may be presented with some additional questions relating to the effect of your current condition on aspects of your daily life. This information is required to help your doctor evaluate the outcome of procedure at a later time.

Once you have completed all the questions and submitted your health questionnaire, your answers will be reviewed by the pre-operative assessment team. The hospital will then contact you at a later date to arrange a time to complete the rest of your pre-operative assessment with you.

Viewing the information videos

You are strongly advised to watch the information videos that are made available to you in LifeBox. This is to ensure that you are fully informed about the planned procedure and anaesthetic.

Once you have watched the videos you will be asked to select one of the following statements:

I have watched and understood the content. OR I have watched and I have questions.

If you have any questions about the video content, the assessment nurse will discuss this with you.

Lifebox Frequently Asked Questions

What information do I need to complete my questionnaire?

  • Your medical history - preferably from last five years.
  • Your medication history.
  • Some measurements, including your height and weight. Putting in estimates is okay if you don't know your exact measurments, but you will be formally measured at a later stage.

How soon before my pre-operative assessment do I need to complete my questionnaire?

You need to complete your health questionnaire 7 days after the hospital has registered a LifeBox account for you and you have activated your account.  We will send an email reminder after 72 hours if you have not activated your account.

What devices can I complete my questionnaire on?

You can use LifeBox on any device with a web browser. However, we recommend using a laptop or computer and the Google Chrome browser.

How long does it take to complete my questionnaire?

The majority of patients take between 30-40 minutes to complete their questionnaires, with only a small fraction taking over an hour.

Do I have to complete the questionnaire in one go?

You do not need to complete the survey in one sitting. Your progress is saved as you complete the different sections, so you can return to the survey if you need to take a break or get more information.

What if I haven’t received my activation link?

If you are expecting an activation link, please check your spam inbox. If there is nothing there, please contact Booked Admissions on 0208 510 5544 or email who can send you a new link. Opening hours are Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm, excluding bank holidays. If it's outside of these hours, you can visit the LifeBox website and use the messaging box in the bottom left-hand side of the screen for more information.

What if I don’t have an email address or mobile phone number?

You’ll be set up as a digitally assisted patient and our team will complete your questionnaire with you.

How can I get extra support to complete the questionnaire?

If you are struggling with your health questionnaire, please contact Booked Admissions on 0208 510 5544 or email . Opening hours are Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm, excluding bank holidays.

Please see the section 'I need help with LifeBox, who do I contact?' below for more information.

What do I do if I’ve forgotten my password?

If you have forgotten your password, go to the LifeBox Login screen, select 'forgot password', and follow the instructions provided.

What if I haven’t been given a LifeBox account?

If you have not been sent a link to set up your LifeBox account within 3 days of being enlisted for your procedure, please let the hospital booked admissions team know on 0208 510 5544 or email

I need help with LifeBox, who do I contact?

If you need any help or have any queries such as:

  • You have a question about the date/time of your appointment/procedure
  • You are unable to complete your Health Questionnaire online
  • You need help completing your Health Questionnaire
  • You have not received your LifeBox activation link
  • You need to amend your contact details
  • You don’t have an email address or mobile number
  • You have a clinical/medical query relating to your pre-operative assessment

Then please contact the hospital Booked Admissions team on: 0208 510 5544 or email

Opening hours are Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, excluding bank holidays.

If you are having any technical issues with LifeBox such as:

  • Changing your password
  • Getting a confirmation code
  • General support - to navigate or use LifeBox
  • You are unable to download/view/upload files
  • You are unable to activate your account
  • Any technical other issues

Then please contact the LifeBox Definition Health team, Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm, by visiting the LifeBox website and using the messaging chat box in the bottom left-hand side of the screen. Alternatively, you can email for more information.

LifeBox Patient Video

What our patients say about LifeBox

We asked our patients for feedback on how they found using LifeBox, you can read what they said below. 

An excellent way for relevant information to be relayed to the patient. This should be used by all hospitals.

It allowed me to enter all necessary information fast and easy.

It was extremely easy and straight forward to use.

I do think it’s good information box you can study at home.

Very clear information and navigation of site including videos etc.

Very easy to use, what a good way forward!

Pleasant and unhurried video presentations allowed time for me taking down 'reminder' notes. Also found information/reminders about preparing for post-op procedure helpful (I had not given thought to allowing time for resting etc once home).

Having lots of information available online is very useful.