Appliances - surgical

Simple appliances may be prescribed by another health professional and provided directly by the appliance officer. Other appliances and orthopaedic footwear may be provided following an assessment, by a clinician such as an orthotist or a footwear specialist (podiatrist).

Appliance service
The appliance service provides simple splints, braces, some compression hosiery and in-shoe devices that a health professional has recommended. 

A referral form is needed and can be brought directly to the office in outpatients next to the plaster room in fracture clinic.

The appliance service will be able to fit and provide advice about how to use any device issued. However, this is a one off service and if any further input is needed this will be through the health professional who referred the patient.

Referrals to the appliance service are accepted from internal consulting teams and allied health professionals only.

Patients referred by GPs and other external clinicians will be offered a relevant clinic appointment.

Orthotic and footwear clinic appointments
All patients requiring input by an orthotist or footwear specialist will be seen by appointment, in some instances the orthotist may see some inpatients on the ward.

The orthotist runs a general clinic and a monthly specialist combined neuro physio-orthotic clinic.

These clinics accept referrals from internal consulting teams and allied health professionals and GPs. Referrals will not be accepted by other external clinicians unless supported by a GP.

The footwear service is provided by specialist podiatrists. For further information please go to podiatry.

All correspondence and queries should be addressed to the appliance department.

Neurological combined clinic
A multidisciplinary orthotics clinic is held at the RNRU (Regional Neurological Rehabilitation Unit) on the first Tuesday of every month.

The clinic has an orthotist and physiotherapist who assess and supply orthoses for patient with neurological conditions such as stroke, traumatic head injury and multiple sclerosis. 

The clinic sees hospital inpatients, City and Hackney community outpatients and RNRU outreach patients with neurological conditions.  

The referral is made through the relevant health professional such as a physiotherapist or neurological consultant. 

How to contact us
General opening hours:
Monday and Thursday 9.45am - 1.30pm
Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday 9.45am - 4.30pm

Appliance officer
Sharon Brown
tel: 020 8510 7958  
fax: 020 8510 5593