Homerton R&D approval for research projects

The Research and Innovation team provides support in all aspects of the research process, including but not limited to assisting with ethics/Health Research Authority applications, research funding information, assistance with research bids and advice regarding intellectual property issues.

The information below has been collated to guide researchers through the process of setting up and managing research studies at the Homerton Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust.

Is your project a research study?

First it is important to eastablish whether the study you want to run falls into the catagory of a research study, audit or service evaluation. The aim of a research study is to derive new knowledge, whereas, audits and service evaluations mesure the standards of care.

To determine what catagory it falls into, please follow the link below: http://www.hra-decisiontools.org.uk/research/

If your project is an audit, it will need to be logged with the Audit department at  huh-tr.clinical.audit@nhs.net

If your project is service evaluation/improvement, it will not require ethical/HRA review, but will still need to be logged with the Research and Innovation team. The Research and Innovation team would need an email ouitlining your proposed service evaluation and an email confirmation from the department lead they have approved that the service improvement can take place.

If your project is research, please do read the below guidance and contact us.


Most research studies require a sponsor to take on the responsibility for the initiation and management of the study, ensuring research applications have passed the quality standards, ethical approval and seeking clinical trial authorisation if necessary.

If you require a sponsor, please contact us and we can discuss the project and provide advice.

Ethical review

The majority of research studies require a review by the NHS Research Ethics Committee (REC), they are an independent committee and are part of the Health Research Authority (HRA). The aim of the ethical review is to protect participants by minimising any potential harm.

To determine whether your research study needs an ethical review, please follow the link below: http://www.hra-decisiontools.org.uk/ethics/

There may be other regulatory approvals needed for your study, depending on the study type it is. This can be discussed with the Research and Innovation team.

HRA approval

The role of the Health Research Authority (HRA) is to protect and promote the interests of patients and the public in research. HRA approval is needed for all research in the NHS in England, and the study will not be able to start without it.

Applications for HRA approval are made with an Integrated Research Applications System (IRAS) and can be found in the following link: https://www.myresearchproject.org.uk/

Please note, before a research study can start at the Homerton, it must have gained both ethical approval (if necessary) and HRA approval. Once the REC/HRA is given, the project will still be required to have Research and Innovation management approval.