User involvement

The aim of the User Involvement Group is for group members to discuss issues and ideas relevant to the services provided by ACRT and WCS, with the aim of promoting innovative and inclusive practice. It is designed to give our service users a chance to have their say on how the service is run. A service users’ opinion as experts in their own healthcare is invaluable to us to help us meet service user needs both today and in the future.
Image of a user group meeting

What do we talk about?

As well as asking your opinion on service development ideas and changes, we are hoping that the topics for discussion will very much be led by suggestions from the User Involvement Group members. Some of the topics that have been previously discussed within the group are:

  • New initiatives – having your say on exciting new projects to improve our services
  • Feedback on current services – what we do well, and where we can improve
  • Hospital transport – challenges and solutions

Attendee criteria

Due to the nature of the User Involvement Group we kindly request for attendees to check our criteria to see if they feel they are able to attend the group. These are:

  • You are able to actively participate in a group discussion.
  • You are comfortable sitting in a chair or wheelchair for one and a half hours
  • If you require the toilet whilst here for the group you are able to manage this by yourself or you can bring a carer/friend to assist you with toileting
  • You can speak and understand English so you are able to participate in a group discussion (unfortunately we are unable to provide interpreters for this group)
  • Can attend at least one group per year.

If for any reason you do not meet all of the above criteria but are still keen to have your opinion heard then you can instead be involved by post/internet correspondence (for example, completing questionnaires).

If you would like to talk with the team about how you can become more involved, please contact us at