Our governors led by our chairman Sir John Gieve

Public constituency (Hackney)

  • Shafiqul Alam
  • Ahmad Bismillah
  • Clare Bennett
  • Penny Crick
  • Dr Coral Jones
  • Nafisa Patel
  • Stephen Sartain
  • Saleem Siddiqui
  • Christopher Sills
  • Samantha Tulloch

Public constituency (City)

  • Jo Boait (Lead Governor)
  • James Torr

Public constituency (Outer)

  • Mary Rose Thomson
  • Malcolm Weston

Staff (clinical)

  • Prof Jane Anderson
  • Jane Bekoe
  • Hilda Walsh
  • Vacancy

Staff (non-clinical)

  • Ibrahim Hafeji

Partner Governors

  • Julie Attenborough (City University, London)
  • Councillor Carole Williams (London Borough of Hackney)
  • Dr Paul Kelland (CCG governor)
  • Councillor Randall Anderson (City of London Corporation) 
  • Dr Sharon Ellis (Queen Mary College, University of London)
  • Malcolm Alexander (Healthwatch)