Adult Community Rehabilitation Team (ACRT)

The Adult Community Rehabilitation Team (ACRT) is an interdisciplinary team made up of physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech & language therapists, neuro and clinical psychologists, dieticians, rehab assistants and administrators. ACRT aims to enhance the health, independence and well being of adults living in the community with a physical or neurological disability. Please see our team leaflet.

ACRT works with clients to identify rehabilitation goals and offer tailor-made programmes. Clients are seen in the most appropriate place for them e.g. at home, in the clinic, place of work or study. We will work with clients for around six sessions and review goals to determine progress, further intervention and future plans

ACRT also has a Consultant Allied Health Professional in Neurological Rehabilitation who provides specialist assessment, intervention and support to people with neurological conditions and local teams, neuronavigation and provides strategic support to develop neurological rehabilitation pathways across the Homerton and in City and Hackney community and the wider area.

Neuro navigators: Lead by the AHP consultant, the neuronavigation service has also developed to provide long term support and case management to City and Hackney residents who have specialist neurological rehabilitation needs. They provide assessment and make recommendations for people who require specialist neurological rehabilitation packages in the hospital or at home, support transitions from the hospital through the neurological rehabilitation pathway to the community. 

Referral form for Neuro Navigator - AHP consultant 
tel 020 7683 4541

ACRT has specialist practitioners who work with people with a City of London or Hackney GP, providing specialist assessment, treatment advice and support.

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Specialist Practitioner

The MS specialist practitioner provides specialist advice and support to anyone with Multiple sclerosis (MS) in the City of London and Hackney. Appointments can be made at home and as an outpatient for:

  • newly diagnosed support and education
  • treatment options and self-management strategies which delay disease progression
  • symptom management support
  • regular reviews are offered at home
  • support regarding new health needs, including relapses
  • coordination of care for people with complex needs, who require more intensive input to manage symptoms and maximise the quality of life
  • support education and training for professionals working within the City and Hackney.

Tel 07918 367 526

Palliative Care Occupational Therapist (OT)

The Palliative care occupational therapist provides specialist rehabilitation and support for adults with palliative or life-limiting conditions who are experiencing functional difficulties as a result of disease progression, no matter how long or short their prognosis.

The needs of each client will vary however working in partnership with the client. Palliative OT intervention will aim to develop achievable goals to maximise independence and quality of life by reducing the extent to which disease interferes with a person’s physical, psychological, social and cognitive functioning. 

It is hoped that specialist OT palliative care input can be offered at the earliest opportunity in order to enable clients to live well and lead productive and fulfilling lives in their own homes for as long as possible.

The Palliative Care Occupational Therapy working hours are Monday to Friday 08:30-16:30. The community palliative care OT in Hackney is based within the adult community rehab team and collaborates closely with multiple teams including:

  • community palliative care team, St Joseph's Hospice
  • inpatient therapy team, St Joseph's Hospice
  • Homerton Hospital
  • links have also been made with the oncology services at St Bart's, various hospices around London and the University College London Cancer Collaborative.

All urgent referrals made to the palliative care occupational therapist will be assessed within 5 days of receiving the referral. If you feel that the person is at risk of being admitted to hospital if they do not receive a rapid multidisciplinary assessment or that there are safeguarding issues that put them at immediate risk and will need to be seen within 3 days then please refer to Integrated Independence Team on 020 8510 7750.

Referrals can be made via the adult community rehabilitation team screening line either by telephone or by email by any health care professional, clients who have been known to the adult community rehabilitation team can also self refer.

tel 020 7683 4148 10:00 – 16:00

To discuss or make a referral then please contact the ACRT screening line on 020 7683 4148 or contact the Palliative Care OT directly on 07825 947 752

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