Data and research

Health research data is a way of gathering and analysing information about people and their health. Using health data for research means healthcare conditions can be better understood, and care and treatment can be improved.

For the purpose of the research study, some personal information may need to be collected from you and used in ways needed to conduct and analyse the research. There are several points the researcher may record or look at information about your health, these are:

  • Medical history
  • Blood tests
  • Health checks
  • Questionnaires

This data will be recorded in your participant file – either on paper or online and be filed away. Only staff members involved in the research study will have access to your patient file.

Often, your data will be pseudonymised. This means you will be assigned an individual code, instead of using your name.

Information about Health Research Data

For more information about health research data, please visit the website links below.