What will happen on the day

Where to go

When you arrive, a theatre nurse will meet you and prepare you for your operation. We will change you into a theatre gown and the surgical team and an anaesthetist, if you are having a general anaesthetic (going to sleep for your operation), will see you before your surgery.
Anyone with you will have to wait outside, so we can help you get ready.

What to bring

  • The letter we sent you with details of your admission
  • Any medications, tablets or inhalers you are taking in the original container
  • Something to read or do while you are waiting

What time will you have your operation

The time on your letter is the time you must arrive at the hospital. It is not the time of your surgery. There is a lot of surgery going on every day at our hospital, so it is hard to say when you will go in for your surgery. You will know in the morning where you are on the list. We will try and keep you informed of the most likely time you will have your surgery. Try and stay warm while you are waiting.

After the operation

How long you stay in hospital will depend on the

  • types of surgery that you have
  • theatre lists
  • type of anaesthetic you have

Immediately after the operation you will spend some time in the recovery area. If you are going home that day, you will go back to the Day Stay Unit or Surgical Centre. If you are due to stay in hospital, we will transfer you to the surgical wards.

Day surgery

We will offer you some light refreshment before you go home.

  • If you had a general anaesthetic you may have to stay for most of the day
  • If you had sedation, you may stay in the hospital for most of the morning or afternoon, depending on your admission time
  • If you had your procedure carried out under a local anaesthetic, we may ask you to wait in the unit afterwards to make sure that you are well enough to go home.

Once you recover, the nurses will contact your escort to come and collect you. Your surgery will be cancelled if you cannot tell us who will collect you. Please talk to the pre-assessment team before the day of your surgery if you are concerned.