R&I Achievements

There are many things to celebrate about Research here at Homerton. To discover what we have achieved, click on the drop down boxes below!

Research Conference 2022

Our annual research conference was held this year May 2022, for the first time after being unable to host for a couple of years due to COVID-19. The conference was held in a hybrid format, with staff being able to attend both in person and virtually. We listened to talks from staff members in the hospital, including doctors running COVID-19 studies, and the previous poster competition winners. We were fortunate enough to have received 48 poster submissions, these presented research that has been conducted in different departments in the hospital. This years poster winners are listed below:

  • 1st prize winner: Intravenous Iron Replenishment is Associated with a Reduction in Depression and Anxiety Symptoms in Iron Deficient Anaemic Women Awaiting Planned Gynecology Surgery - D. Wirth, H. Carter, J. Holmes, S. Naylor, A. Vishwanathan, C. Talati
  • 2nd prize winner: 'What does obey mean?' - Interactions Between a Young Offender with a Language Disorder and his Youth Offending Team Worker' Anna Sowerbutts, Dr Suzanne Beeke
  • Joint 2nd prize winner: 2D-Ultrasound Shearwave Elastography: Can the Number of Liver Stiffness Measurements be Reduced for Screening of Patients Undergoing Ultrasound? - Jun Loing Chin, Kohilan Gananadan, Simon Phillpotts, Sittiga Hassan-Reshat, Peter Boavida, Iain Ewing and Esra Asilmaz
  • Viewers vote: The Role of Simulation in Nursing Education and Clinical Practice During the Pandemic – Lidia Ignatov