Adult Cardiorespiratory Enhanced and Responsive service (ACERs)

The Adult Cardiorespiratory Enhanced and Responsive Service (ACERS) integrated Cardiorespiratory Service works across Primary and Secondary Care. 

ACERS team aims to improve outcomes for anyone living in City and Hackney with a chronic cardiorespiratory disease. Our goal is to prevent people from dying prematurely from their condition and improve their quality of life. 

ACERS uses innovative approaches, working with other health and social care providers, to achieve high quality, cost-effective integrated care in the community.

The services provided by ACERS:

  • Virtual Wards – Acute Respiratory Infection and Rapid Diuresis Response Service
  • Provide an early support discharge and inpatient review service 
  • Cardiorespiratory Rehabilitation – Exercise and Education Classes
  • Cardiorespiratory Case management, to optimise medication and self-management strategies
  • Primary Care Nurse Specialist Heart Failure Clinics
  • Tobacco Dependency Treatment
  • Outpatient Respiratory Physiotherapy service for the management of dysfunctional breathing and chronic cough
  • Integrated Health Psychology
  • Provision of the Home Oxygen Assessment Review Service
  • Respiratory Diagnostic Hublets.

Key staff

Angshu Bhowmik - Thoracic Medicine and ACERs Consultant Lead
Timothy Bowker - Consultant Cardiologist
Laura Graham -  Cardiorespiratory Consultant Physiotherapist
Emma Bright – Respiratory Lead Clinician
Morag Ryder - Clinical Psychologist
Sukhan Wilkins - Heart Failure Lead Nurse
Lily Huxen - ACERS Lead Administrator
020 8510 5107