General enquiries
Main telephone numbers:
tel: 020 7683 4489/4382

The screening line opening times are:
Monday-Friday, 10am-4pm
tel: 020 7683 4148

Community Therapies Integrated Single Point of Access (iSPA) Referral Form updated Nov 2023

This line is manned by fully qualified therapists and support staff who will take you through the process to gain all the relevant details we need to accept the referral. 

Where a referral is not appropriate for our team the screener may be able to sign post you to a more appropriate service.

If you are trying to make a referral outside of screening line hours you can make a referral via our  Online Referral Form, just complete the form and send it back via the instructions on the form.

Clients not known to our service will need a referral to be completed by either a GP or other healthcare professional.