Trust plan to 2020

Given the impact of Covid-19, the Trust has not been able to revisit Achieving Together, its organisational strategy to 2020.  However, we did re-establish strategic objectives in December 2020 for the next 18 months.

The Trust’s strategic vision in 2020/21
Homerton was one of the first NHS trusts to gain foundation status in 2004.  Since this time, the Trust has maintained its reputation as a high performing NHS provider, delivering quality patient and service user care, whilst maintaining compliance with all key performance and regulatory requirements.

The Trust’s ambition is to build on our current high standards and establishing the Trust as   one of the country’s foremost health providers, with a reputation for quality, innovation and leading the way on service integration. In the face of the disruption caused by the pandemic, the Board agreed to defer work on a long-term strategic plan in 2020 but agreed in September a new set of objectives for the period to the end of 2021/22.

The Trust’s strategic objectives in 2021/22:

People: We will create the best people experience in the NHS by March 2023.

  • We will deliver key projects and interventions that will begin to achieve ‘Equality and Inclusion for Our People’ including risk assessments, staff networks, improving fairness of recruitment and a review of conduct processes
  • We will deliver key projects and interventions that ‘Creates a Values-led Organisation for All Our People’ including launching employee and team recognition and rewards for living Trust values and embedding the values at every stage of people’s employment with Homerton
  • We will ‘Support Our People’s Psychological Health and Wellbeing’ during and post Covid-19 with psychological support and effective leadership and team development
  • We will improve recruitment and retention and reduce agency spend
  • We will use quality improvement methodology to engage and involve our staff in continuous improvement in service delivery and care

Quality: We aspire to be rated by the Care Quality Commission as an ‘Outstanding’ organisation

  • Safe - We will provide safe services, so that people feel safe and are protected from avoidable harm
  • Effective – We will ensure people’s care, treatment and support achieves good outcomes, promotes a good quality of life and is based on the best available evidence
  • Caring - We will deliver a great experience of our services, so that those who need to receive our support feel positively about their experience
  • Responsive – We will ensure services meet people’s needs in a timely manner and in line with national standards
  • Well Led – We will ensure the leadership, management and governance of the organisation delivers high quality person-centred care, supports learning and innovation, and promotes an open and fair culture

Integration: We will lead our local care system working with our partners to deliver high quality care to the population of City & Hackney

  • We will take a leading role in the City & Hackney system to drive improved outcomes for residents and effective management of system resources.
  • We will use population health data to understand the health needs of our local population to determine priorities for prevention, treatment and care that address health inequalities and improve population health.
  • We will work with our system partners to break down barriers between our services to deliver joined-up care and support to patients and residents.
  • We actively contribute to the local system beyond the delivery of health services, with the aim of improving employment, education and environmental sustainability
  • We will advocate and represent the health needs of our local population within the North East London health care system

System: We will actively engage and contribute to the creation and development of a sustainable health care system for north east London

  • We will establish the Trust as a key member of the Acute Alliance arrangement within the North East London ICS
  • We will work with other provider partners within the ICS to identify where gains can be made through a stronger collaborative approach within corporate and support services
  • We will work with our partners in the Pathology Alliance to establish a new model of service provision, which successfully delivers to the standards expected and tests an alliance approach that could be applied to other service areas.
  • We will maintain financial sustainability whilst working within and contributing to a system-wide financial regime