Professional education

Our professional education department provides a range of training opportunities for health professionals. Each trainer specialises in a different aspect of clinical education provision. 

Internal training provision
We offer a wide range of study days/courses for qualified nurses, health care assistants, allied health professionals and midwives. Our courses are facilitated by our staff members and facilitators from Universities including City, LSBU and Kings College. Most courses are run on-site in our multi-purpose education centre.

  • Health and safety courses: including conflict resolution training, infection control, patient handling and health and safety for managers
  • Nursing professional development courses: includes ECG, Blood Transfusion, Sign Off Mentor, Ward Sisters Leadership programme, Dementia Awareness, Obesity in children and young people study day, Emergency First Aid Training,– Pressure Area, Continence, Safeguarding Adults Level 2 and 3, Surgical Master classes and Mentorship updates
  • Leadership development programme: includes Ward Sisters Leadership programme, Midwifery Leadership programme, and Band 6 development programme
  • Clinical skills development courses: includes IV Cannulation and Phlebotomy, IV Medication, Fluid Balance, Blood Glucose Monitoring, Male/Female Catheterisation, , Assessment of Clients in their Home, Central Venous Pressure Monitoring, Tracheostomy Care
  • Nursing and Midwifery Assistant’s courses: includes introductory courses in infection control, Continence/Tissue Viability and Essential skills, Avoidable Outcomes – Pressure ulcer prevention, continence promotion, nutrition and hydration, Role of the care worker, Measuring Vital Signs
  • Monthly Mandatory training days include: infection control, blood transfusion, medicine management, mentorship updates, patient handling, fire training and health and safety updates, pressure sore prevention, Dementia Awareness course
  • Resuscitation Training 

We constantly monitor the courses that we run for our staff members and act upon the information provided to us. Over the last year, we have introduced a range of new courses to meet the changing demands placed on health care professionals.

Bands 1 to 4 Development
Homerton Hospital is working hard to develop staff groups irrelevant of their banding. Access to Nursing and Foundation degree courses are offered to bands 1 to 4 depending on availability of funds.

We recognise that the first few months for nurses after graduation, are a steep learning curve and a time for them to acclimatise to the role. It can be hard for nurses to put into practice all the learning acquired from the university course and to come to terms with the fact that they are now fully registered and accountable practitioners.

This structured programme will guide you through these challenges and help you to settle into life at Homerton.

Nursing, Midwifery and AHPs Led Research
Research in Nursing and Midwifery revolves around evidence based practice. Everything we do at the Homerton is to provide quality patient care which revolves around research (evidence) to rationalize the care we give.

Our priorities cover on-going quality and providing the safest care possible.

Building on achievements and sharing good practice and providing seamless equitable development amongst acute and community staff.

Providing professional development to our staff for responsible growth and access to patients in need of our services.