We run various groups throughout the year lead by Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech & Language Therapists, Psychologists & Rehabilitation Assistants.

Image of scenes at group sessions

All clients are assessed for their suitability for a group and goals are set according to each individual’s needs. At the end of each group you will be reviewed to check you have achieved your desired goal. Where appropriate we will make onward referrals to other community based services.

Strong and Steady Group

The Strong and Steady group is a programme of exercise and education run over 9 weeks 2 sessions per week. The group is designed to improve balance, confidence, fitness, strength and increase understanding of staying safe and steady at home. The programme is delivered by Physiotherapists, Rehabilitation Assistants and Occupational Therapists who help to tailor the exercises to all levels of ability.

The sessions last for 90 minutes and take place at:

St Leonard’s
Nuttall Street
London N1 5LZ

Who can refer
ACRT therapists and other health care professionals working within the Homerton Trust

How to refer: Via the Strong and Steady exercise group referral form.
Please contact ACRT on 0207 683 4382 / 4489 for more information

During the covid-19 outbreak we have redesigned the strong and Steady Group to enable us to deliver support whilst maintaining social distancing and supporting those shielding. Please call for more information.

Resources and links
Eating and drinking on recovery from Covid.pdf
Exercising to reduce fatigue.pdf
Fatigue and emotional wellbeing.pdf
Post COVID-19 information.pdf 
Managing your activity.pdf

NHS website
Homerton Youtube channel
CSP get up and go

Covid-19 information
Please follow the link to the Trust home page for up dates about any changes to services due the covid-19 outbreak.

Communication group

ACRT can offer group therapy for people with communication difficulties. The groups are not run recurrently but will be organised when there are a sufficient number of people who will benefit.
The groups aim to support people to use the communication strategies they have learned in Speech & Language Therapy in a supportive environment with others in a similar situation.

Fitness link

A programme of exercise and education for people with any neurological condition who experience difficulties with strength and fitness problems
This programme is held at St Leonard's and each session lasts 90 minutes. You will need to commit to 8 consecutive weeks

Who can refer
ACRT therapists only.
Pease contact ACRT on: 0207 683 4382 / 4489 for more information

Parkinson's exercise group

This is for clients of City and Hackney who have recently received a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease or have minimal physical symptoms from the disease. 
It is run in collaboration with the Healthwise scheme and the aim is to improve strength, balance, fitness, flexibility, agility and movement initiation.
The group meets at the
Britannia Leisure Centre
40 Hyde Road
London N1 5JU
Each session lasts 90 minutes and you will need to commit to 8 consecutive weeks.

Who can refer
ACRT therapists and other health care professionals working within the Homerton Trust.
Pease contact ACRT on: 0207 683 4382 / 4489 for more information.

Parkinson's Disease education group

This is a group for people with a new diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease or who have minimal symptoms from the disease.
It is a whole day education group providing people and their family members/carers education about the disease, keeping healthy, speaking and swallowing, activities of daily living, emotional wellbeing and continence.
Information also provided on Parkinson’s UK and other services in City and Hackney.