Building our new elective centre

We are upgrading and expanding our Day Stay Unit (DSU) in block 5 to expand our surgical hub and build a new elective centre.

The upgrade will include two additional theatre suites, a 10-bed ward that will serve both the current and new theatres, an interventional diagnostic hub for gynaecology, gynaecology outpatient area, GI physiology room, a urology diagnostic centre, and upgraded staff facilities.

To help tackle growing waiting lists we increased the number of operations we do by running our elective theatres six days a week, and this expansion will mean we can increase that volume even further. It will help us to significantly reduce the waits experienced by patients for surgery so they can get the care they need faster. The upgraded facilities will also secure the future of our surgical hub, so we can continue to provide the best possible care for years to come and improve our efficiency.

The new elective centre will also create an improved working environment for our people, with upgraded facilities to support them in providing the best possible care and experience for patients and staff welfare facilities with break rooms, toilets, showers, locker rooms, and offices.

This exciting expansion is part of the NHS Elective Recovery Plan to build more surgical hubs across the country to tackle the backlogs caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The initial phase of construction is already underway. There will be several phases of construction and we’ll keep you updated as they progress.

Details of upgrades and expansion

Additional theatres - Two additional state of the art theatre suites which will be suitable for a full range of surgical procedures, and dedicated changing rooms, staff room, and an office and storage facilities.

New ward – 10-bedded ward to support both current and new theatres, servicing a total of five theatres. The separated bed-base will also allow the Trust to consolidate total elective surgical activity there during periods of increased pressure/activity, releasing bed capacity in the hospital for increased admissions.

New waiting area – the existing reception/waiting area will be expanded and upgraded to create a welcoming and relaxing environment for patients.

Gynaecological elective centre – the current gynaecology clinic rooms for elective outpatient work will be relocated and upgraded, with two additional rooms built. A new interventional diagnostic suite for procedures such as colposcopy and hysteroscopy will be created, with four treatment rooms with integrated changing and toilet facilities, and three recovery cubicles.

Gastrointestinal (GI) physiology room – the GI physiology and Iron optimisation clinics will be given a separate space.

Urology diagnostic unit – a new dedicated base for the urology service, primarily a cancer service that carries out c.1500 flexible cystoscopies per year. The new base will also enable additional urodynamic clinics and have changing areas for patients.

Improved staff welfare facilities – new and improved welfare facilities for our staff, to improve their experience at work and support them to provide the best possible care for patients. The dedicated welfare areas will include toilets, showers, and locker areas, and an additional staff room away from the new theatres so people can have a break away from the area they are working in.

Computer generated rendering of new operating theatres A computer generated rendering of new inpatient bed bays Computer generated rendering of new treatment room
Computer generated images of the new operating theatres, inpatient bed bays, and treatment room