Apprenticeships are employment opportunities that combine practical on the job training and study with a nominated training provider, leading to nationally recognised qualifications.

As an apprentice you will:

  • Work alongside experienced staff
  • Gain job-specific skills
  • Earn a wage and receive the same staff benefits as other Trust employees
  • Study towards a related qualification

Apprenticeships are available as development opportunities.  You can gain qualifications whilst in your current post, but these must be relevant to your current role.  Those on Apprenticeship Programmes achieve employability skills and qualifications which are transferable throughout their career, and as Trust employees you are trained in line with the Trusts visions and values, working towards achieving the Trust objectives. 


What Apprenticeships are available at Homerton Hospital?

Homerton University Hospial NHS Foundation Trust currently offers a range of apprenticeships from Level 2 (Intermediate apprenticeship) to Level 5 (Advanced apprenticeship).  Apprenticeships are tailor to suit roles in specific areas for example; the senior healthcare support worker apprenticeship is adaptable to fit varying departments such as: maternity, theatres, mental health, children & young people and allied health departments.

Apprenticeships currently running at the Trust include:


  • Senior healthcare support worker, Level: 3 (Standard)
  • Healthcare science assistant, Level: 2 (Standard)
  • Health Pharmacy Services, Level: 2
  • Nursing Associate, Level: 5 (Standard)


  • Business and Administration, Level: 2 (Standard)
  • Business Administrator, Level: 3 (Standard)
  • Team leader / supervisor, Level: 3 (Standard)
  • Associate project manager, Level: 4 (Standard)
  • Operations / departmental manager, Level: 5 (Standard)
  • Engineering Manufacture: Engineering Maintenance, Level: 3

We are working collaboratively with our Partners in North East London to implement delivery of higher level apprenticeships such as Allied Health Professionals Degree apprenticeships, Nursing Degree apprenticeships and higher level apprenticeships in leadership and management.  

All apprenticeships have a minimum 20% off the job training requirement, delivered during the apprentices normal working hours.  This takes varying forms according to the type of apprenticeships but may include; training sessions/workshops, being observed by an apprenticeship tutor whilst you carry out your usual work , shadowing staff in different departments, or for some programmes attending college or university 1 day a week. 

Please note that off-the-job (OTJ) does not necessarily mean off/outside of work. It includes internal sessions which help in developing skills, knowledge and competences.  Supervision as well as teaching, self-directed study and reflections are also included.  For further information of what 20% OTJ training may include, click here

How to apply

Do I meet the criteria?
Those eligible for an apprenticeship at Homerton must be:

  • 18 years old or over (there is no upper age limit)*;
  • Have evidence of a right to work and live in the UK;
  • Does not have qualification in the same or similar subject that they wish to have an apprenticeship in.

How do I apply?
The Trust work with specific training providers for our apprenticeships provision. If you are interested in applying for a role at Homerton, please follow the relevant link training provider's website to view and apply for apprenticeships vacacies:


For administrative apprenticeships, contact:
Hawk Training | 0208 891 0992


For clinical apprenticeships, contact: 
Dynamic | 0208 607 7850


Apprenticeship Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What apprenticeship courses does the Trust offer?
A. For a list of apprenticeship opportunities please email

Q. Is there any age limit on becoming an apprentice?
A. Apprentices at Homerton must be 18+ years old but there is no upper age limit

Q. Would my pay or benefits change if I become an apprentice?
A. No. Apprenticeships courses would be used to upskill our staff and so there will be no changes to your current pay conditions.

Q. How much study leave will there be?
A. Apprentices will be required to meet a minimum of 20% ‘off the job’ learning time, which takes place within their employment hours.  This varies depending on the course and the training provider delivering your apprenticeship.  Some courses require one day a week attendance as at a university or college, other may deliver education or training sessions within the workplace.  You can find out more about 20% off the job training by emailing the Apprenticeship Manager on

Q. How are apprenticeships funded?
A. Apprenticeships are funding by the Trust through the Apprenticeship Levy. The levy is a government tax on all organisations with a pay bill of over £3 million, of which 0.5% is taken from an organisation. This money is then placed in a pot for each individual organisation to use solely for their apprenticeship training courses.

Q. What are functional skills?
A.  Functional skills refer to the fundamental, applied skills in English and mathematics; to read more click here.  Functional skills courses are now available within the hospital.  For more information click here

Q. How can I recommend someone from outside the Trust to find out about Homerton’s apprenticeships?
A. Please direct them to the Homerton Hospital Website and search ‘apprenticeships’.  Alternatively ask them to email with their request and inquiries.

For further information please email