ACERS Cardio-Respiratory Rehabilitation

Pulmonary rehabilitation

Pulmonary Rehabilitation is a programme of exercise and education for people with chronic lung conditions. It is suitable for patients with a variety of respiratory diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma, bronchiectasis and pulmonary fibrosis.

Each pulmonary rehab participant will have an individually tailored exercise programme that is suitable for their needs. Pulmonary Rehab is recognised as one of the most effective treatments for people with long term lung conditions

This video explains a little more about Pulmonary Rehabilitation.

The benefits of pulmonary rehabilitation

Pulmonary Rehabilitation will not be able to heal your lungs, but it will enable you to do more and feel better with the lung condition that you have.  Pulmonary rehabilitation will help you to:

  • Breath better, feel good, do more – improves breathlessness
  • Reduced risk of hospital admission
  • If admitted, reduce the time you spend in hospital
  • Improve your exercise tolerance – do more
  • Improve your ability to carry out day to day tasks and activities that are important to you
  • Help you to self manage your respiratory disease
  • Increases your confidence and quality of life
  • Improves your understanding of your condition and how to best manage it
  • Improve your overall health and wellbeing
  • You can connect with other patients living with a long term lung condition

ACERS Pulmonary Rehabilitation Programme

Once referred, you will receive a letter for an assessment with one of the Pulmonary Rehabilitation Team.  You must not attend a Pulmonary Rehabilitation Programme unless you have had an assessment.

Following the assessment, if you are able to attend Pulmonary Rehabilitation you will be offered a programme of one of the following sites:

  1. Homerton Hospital – Physiotherapy outpatient gym (Tuesdays and Thursdays 11.15am – 12.45pm)
  2. Britannia Leisure Centre (Tuesdays and Fridays 1.30pm – 3.30pm or 2.30pm-4.30pm)
  3. St Barnabas Dalston (Tuesdays and Fridays 10am – 12pm or 11am – 1pm)

The Pulmonary Rehabilitation Programme

  • 2 sessions a week for 6 to 8 weeks
  • 2 hours each in length
  • Each session consists of exercise session and education session
  • At the end of the programme you will be reassessed by one of the team

See how a previous patient found pulmonary rehabilitation by watching the video above or for more information visit the British Lung Foundation website.

If you would like to attend please ask your GP or other health professional to refer you to the ACERS Team. You will be invited to an education session, where you will learn more about the ACERS Pulmonary Rehabilitation programme and meet a patient who has completed the programme.

If you wish to discuss Pulmonary Rehabilitation with the ACERS team please call us on 020 8510 5107 or email


Laura Graham - Cardiorespiratory Consultant Physiotherapist
Alice Kenward – Cardio-Respiratory Rehabilitation Lead Physiotherapist

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiac Rehabilitation Programme - Inclusion Criteria

Post Acute Coronary Syndrome
ST elevation MI (STEMI)
Non ST elevation MI (NSTEMI)
Post angioplasty and stent
Post Coronary artery bypass surgery
Stable angina
Heart failure
Valve Replacement
ICD insertion
Heart Transplant


Unstable angina
Uncontrolled Hypertension- resting systolic blood pressure >180mmhg or diastolic blood pressure >110mmhg
Uncontrolled sinus tachycardia (HR > 120)
Uncontrolled atrial or ventricular arrhythmias
Uncompensated congestive heart failure
Recent embolism
Significant aortic stenosis
Acute systemic illness or fever
Uncontrolled diabetes mellitus

Sarah McGrath  Cardiac Rehabilitation Nurse Specialist
Marissa Ting - Cardiac Rehabilitation Liaison Nurse
Laura Graham & Alice Kenward- Cardio-Respiratory Rehabilitation Lead Physiotherapist

Marissa 020 8510 7016 or 07748 127 955
Cardiac Rehab referral form