Welcome to the City & Hackney Specialist Adult Weight Management Service

We understand that trying to reduce excess weight can be a long and complex struggle which may not be easily addressed by short or simplistic interventions.This can, at times, leave clients feeling disheartened. Many clients also struggle with physical health complications or difficulties with pain or low mood, which can understandably make this journey even more difficult.

At the City & Hackney Specialist Adult Weight Management Service (C&H SAWMS) we are commissioned to work with clients who have not benefitted from other local weight management interventions. We are a Tier 3 service consisting of a dedicated team of weight management specialists from different professional backgrounds including a clinical psychologist, a dietitian and a physiotherapist.

Appointments and referrals

Once referred by the GP, clients will be contacted by our triage clinician to arrange an initial assessment session. Clients can choose between face to face and virtual appointments to suit their needs.

The service is only able to accept referrals from local GPs, received via the e-RS system. If you would like to be referred to us please make an appointment with your GP or practice nurse and request that a referral is made.

Referral guide for professionals
You can make a referral  using e-RS and selecting ‘City & Hackney Specialist Adult Weight Management (T3) NFTF - Telephone Appointment - Homerton – RQX ’,  found under the speciality 'Dietetics'.  Please read our guidance below on referrals to make sure that you provide all the details needed to prevent any delays in your patient’s care.

Download referral form [word document]



Meet the team

Image of Dorottya

Dorottya Norton
Clinical and Service Lead

image of Agnieszka Kubiak

Agnieszka Kubiak
Physiotherapy Technical Instructor

Image of Jodie Ferris

Jodie Ferris,
Assistant Psychologist

Image of Phil Robinson

Phil Robinson
Specialist Weight Management Dietitian

Image of Corinne Pepper
Corinne Pepper
Specialist Physiotherapist Weight Management

image of Adewunmi Adeyiga

Adewunmi Adeyiga
Lived Experience Peer Support Worker

What does the team do?

Each client referred is invited to an individual assessment session where we explore previous attempts to lose weight and what got in the way, discuss preferences and needs, begin setting specific goals and provide access to our digital application/computer-based support platform.

Following the initial session, clients are allocated to an intervention group according to suitability. We offer face to face and virtual groups and they run for 12 months in total. We recognise that this is a big commitment, but we know that intensive and long-term support is beneficial to help our clients achieve permanent change in food related behaviour and patterns of activity.

Initially, for the first 3 months, clients are asked to attend weekly, with the frequency reducing for the latter part of the course. Some clients may transition to the Homerton Bariatric Service after initially attending our intervention. Client suitability and personal preference for this will be discussed at the initial assessment. We know that clients benefit from peer support and generally, group-based interventions show better results for weight loss compared to one-to-one sessions. For clients that are not able to attend groups for reasons of access or suitability, we can offer one to one appointments.   

Throughout the duration of treatment, clients are encouraged to use our digital platform in addition to attending the treatment sessions. This enables clients to access support, monitor food intake and activity and highlight any difficulties to the team between group sessions.

'We also provide guided mindfulness sessions, which involves helping you to notice what is happening in the present moment, without judgement, which can help support your weight management goals. You might take notice and be aware of your mind, body or surroundings.  Here is a helpful link to more mindfulness resources, recommended by Mind and here is a link to information provided by the NHS. For more information, please see our  Mindfulness Frequently Asked Questions .pdf 

Please see The City & Hackney Specialist Adult Weight Management Service  Poster.pdf

Who is our treatment for?

Currently our service is available to clients who meet all of the eligibility criteria set out below:

  • registered with and referred by a GP in the London Borough of City and Hackney
  • over 18 years of age
  • insufficient change from weight management intervention in the last 2 years (achieving/maintaining weight loss)
  • assessed by C&H SAWMS as committed to attend the program

Additionally to the above, clients also need to meet one of the below criteria:

  • Body Mass Index (BMI) over 40kgs/m2
  • BMI over 35kgs/m2 and comorbidities (hypertension, diabetes, polycystic ovarian syndrome, insulin resistance, dyslipidaemia, obstructive sleep apnoea, osteoarthritis, prescribed ani-psychotics causing weight gain)
  • BMI over 30kgs/m2 and Type 2 Diabetes

Check your BMI 

We are not currently able to accept clients who:

  • are under 18years of age
  • are pregnant
  • have had bariatric surgery within the last 24months
  • have uncontrolled cardiac condition
  • are housebound
  • have severe learning disability
  • have problematic alcohol or substance misuse
  • present with severe and unstable mental illness including untreated binge eating disorder
  • are not registered with a City and Hackney GP surgery

Other services

We feel that it is essential that we work together with other organisations in the borough to bring about an environment and an abundance of services that can support our clients to achieve long term, sustainable and holistic change in their quality of life through better health, connection and prosperity. Please use the links below to explore what is available in your local area and to find services which may help you move towards achieving your goals.

Cooking Skills and Food Access

Made in Hackney - Their mission is to tackle health inequalities, food access, the climate crisis and bring communities together using the power of plants. They offer courses such as:

  • Community Class - Zero Waste Cooking
  • Course: Cooking for Type 2 Diabetes
  • 6-week Cooking Course for Carers
  • Community Class - Good Mood Food
  • Community Class - One Pot Cooking

To book into these classes and find out all the details, follow this link: Whats On | Made In Hackney. Their most recent poster can be found here.

Carib Eats London: They deliver delicious Caribbean food to those who need it across Hackney. Carib Eats also aims to be a friendly face who can connect the community, providing conversations to those experiencing isolation due to the pandemic or personal circumstances. The warm space is open 11-3.30. The canteen is open 12-3, with the meal served at 1. Criteria for eligibility: Over 50's, resident of Hackney, affected by the cost-of-living crisis, isolated, and need of support. The venue is: Northwold Community Centre Northwold Est 131 Upper Clapton Road E5 9SA. Please call 07958060947 or email caribeatslondon@gmail.com for further information.

St Peter’s Church, De Beauvoir - They provide affordable (free or by donation to those without means) meals the last Friday of the month, from 12 noon to 2pm. The meals are cooked and served by local volunteers. All are welcome. For more information contact debeauvoir.community.cafe@gmail.com. They are also looking for volunteers to cook or help out on the day. Expenses are reimbursed. Please also get in touch if you are interested.

Hackney School of Food - FREE cooking and exercise workshops for parents who would like support with healthier lifestyles. These workshop are only open to parents who have a child/children under the age of 18. The 12 workshops will take place at the Hackney School of Food, which is next to Mandeville School on Oswald Street, London E5 0BT, with the first session starting on Friday 9 June 2023. Anyone interested in taking part should email hello@hackneyschooloffood.com. Please find the poster with more information here.

Physical Activity Classes and Initiatives

Healthier Together Hackney - The Healthier Together Hackney programme offers both Weight Management and Physical Activity on Referral programmes to support you to achieve your personal goals whether that be losing weight or becoming more active.

Walking groups - This is a programme of weekly and monthly walks around Hackney. A regular 10 minute brisk walk can boost your energy, clear your head and lift your mood, and can help people with lower back pain or at risk of high blood pressure. It can also improve your long-term health. Please use the updated Walking together schedule and the Walking together walkers guidance.

Sharp End - A place to connect, be active, learn and share your time, with like minded peers. They now offer hybrid classes to support people aged over 50 to be healthy and independent, in a nutshell, The SHARP End “keeps you stronger for longer”.

The New Age Games programme is a free sport and physical activity programme for Hackney residents aged 50 and over, which can help users increase and sustain exercise to recommended levels, contributing to a healthy lifestyle. Please find the summer timetable from Tuesday 2 May to Monday 24 July 2023  here

Exercise for over 50s | Hackney Council -  Follow this link for the timetable for The New Age Games programme. New Age Games is a sport and physical activity programme for Hackney residents aged 50 and over. It can help you increase the amount of exercise you do and sustain it, contributing to a healthy lifestyle. The New Age Games autumn/winter full programme returns from 12 September 2022 to Saturday 18 March 2023 (no sessions held from 11 December to 15 January).

Fit 4 Health Specialist Exercise after Stroke scheme - This is an established free community-based service positioned at the final stage of rehabilitation and re-enablement in health and social care. It supports individuals in the maintenance of healthy lifestyle changes and the subsequent transition to independent living. The programme is designed to meet the long-term effects of stroke and the varied and wide-ranging exercise needs of stroke and TIA sufferers. They are currently accepting referrals from health professionals. Please see the  Fit 4 Health poster.

Fit 4 Health slow-paced walk - Returns 19 April 2023, Wednesdays, 11.30am-12.15pm. Places must be booked before attending.. This walk is for people who have suffered a stroke/TIA or have mobility issues. To be eligible to attend you must be a Hackney resident or be registered to a Hackney based GP. This meets within the garden area of Clissold House Cafe, Clissold Park, off Green Lanes/Church Street N16 9HJ. To book/further information contact helen.mcginley@hackney.gov.uk or telephone: 020 8356 5285 or call/text 07483 335 891. Please find the Fit for Health - Slow Pace Walk poster with more information.

Better – They provide physical activity across Hackney and aim to get more people, more active, more often. They are the UK’s largest leisure charitable social enterprise, giving communities access to facilities that help improve their health and happiness through participation in activities. They are a staff-owned leisure trust and work in partnership with councils and other partners, managing leisure centres, sports facilities, libraries, day spas and children's centres across the UK.

Community and Social Support
Together Better Hackney - They are Hackney's volunteer centre with the aim to improve employment outcomes, build social cohesion, boost mental wellbeing and reduce social isolation. They offer 'Monthly Mondays Community Cooking sessions' where you can learn to cook, share recipes, and meet new people. They also offer lots of different activities across the community including exercise classes such as Thai Boxing, Walking Groups, Seated Dance, Yoga and more.

City & Hackney Neighbourhoods - Neighbourhoods brings residents, voluntary sector, health, education and care services together in City & Hackney’s eight Neighbourhoods, to work together on what matters to local people and address health inequalities. They also provide a comprehensive map of services by area.

Shoreditch Trust - Shoreditch Trust is working to create a future free from inequality. Their people-focused and peer-support approach enables them to model their services around the needs of those they support, facilitating individual and community leadership and development and encouraging people to achieve their goals

Morningside Community Centre - Youth club, community lunches, fitness and activity sessions, community days and much more taking place at Morningside Community Centre, Cresset Rd, London E9 6SJ. They offer physical activity sessions for free including Box Fit, Zumba and Chair-based exercise. A full timetable can be found in this Hope warm space poster

Tikva - Tikva offers a wide range of extra-curricular activities for adults with moderate to severe learning disabilities tailored to the needs of the Orthodox Jewish community.

Hackney Parochial Charities - They have three charities that aim to relieve poverty in Hackney by giving grants to individuals who live in Hackney or for projects that are based in Hackney or that will benefit people in the borough.

Bikur Cholim – The aim of this organisation is to relieve the effects of sickness, poor physical and mental health and old age, for people of the Orthodox Jewish community in North London by assisting with the provision of support, facilities and services.

Heating and Energy Financial Support

Energy tips | Hackney Council - Follow this link for tips to support with fuel poverty by making your home and behaviour more energy efficient. This link also provides information on Winter Fuel Payments, Warm Home Discount Scheme and Cold Weather Payments.

Warm Spaces -  Warm Spaces is designed to signpost anyone in need of warmth & community, to a warm space to share with others. Hackney council have worked with warm spaces and local venues. You can use one of their interactive maps to find your nearest space. 

Emergency help with fuel costs for pensioners - The London Borough of Hackney has a small amount of money to help pensioners who are struggling to pay their gas and electric bills. This help is only available for pensioners (over 66). 

Library of Things - Library of Things is a social enterprise that helps people save money and reduce waste by affordably renting out useful items. Hackney Council is taking action to keep residents warm this winter by offering free access for 24 hours to a thermal imaging camera in partnership with Library of Things - in Dalston CLR James Library. Register with a Hackney postcode to borrow this item for free to make your home more energy efficient to save money all winter long. You can register your interest here.

Financial Support

Help at hand: A guide to the support available for Hackney residents during the cost of living crisis - The Resident Participation team at Hackney Council has produced a booklet for residents which provides a very helpful overview of the support available to residents who are struggling with financial difficulties.

Council Tax Rebate | Hackney Council – Please see this website for advice and information on receiving a council tax rebate. For assistance with this process, you can call 0208 356 3111 Monday to Friday 10am to 4pm for support with applications over the phone.

Little Village – This is a resource for parents who may be struggling to buy essentials for their children. It works in the same way as a food bank but is more based around providing clothes, nappies, wipes etc. They accept referrals from professional and voluntary organisations working with families in an official capacity.

Cost of Living Pack - The DWP has produced a guide to support for residents struggling with the cost of living in East London. This digital booklet is designed to be a practical guide detailing the support announced and made available by the Government, councils, and local organisations.

GLA Cost of Living Hub  - The Greater London Assembly (GLA) has launched a cost of living hub, which provides signposting as well as advice on maximising residents’ income, help with keeping warm, and help for residents in financial crisis.

Emotional Health and Wellbeing

City and Hackney Talking Therapies - They help people with a wide range of worries, common mental health problems and emotional difficulties, offering a wide range of tried and tested talking therapies. Talk Changes is available to adults who are registered with a GP in City and Hackney. You can complete the self-referral from online or ask to be referred by your GP.

Walk-in Crisis Café - City & Hackney - Walk-In Crisis Cafe, offering a welcoming cuppa and immediate support for anyone who is struggling or not coping in a safe, supportive place. They will also follow up with a range of support to help you find new ways to cope with difficulties and avoid future crisis. 

City & Hackney Wellbeing Network - The City and Hackney Wellbeing Network, offers high-quality free support to help people prevent the onset of mental health problems and alleviate issues such as stress, anxiety and low mood. They also offer support to adults with severe and enduring mental health conditions

Mind in the City, Hackney and Waltham Forest - Part of the Mind network, Mind in the City, Hackney and Waltham Forest is an independent mental health charity providing support for local people.

Jewish Association for Mental Illness – They provide practical and emotional support for anyone affected by a mental health problem in the Jewish community. They improve mental health understanding for thousands more people through training, seminars and other educational sessions.

Derman – They provide health and social care services, such as mental health, welfare advice and health advocacy, to support the Kurdish, Turkish, Turkish Cypriot and Eastern European Turkish speaking people. Their services are up and running, and they’re seeing clients face to face in our office / GP surgeries in person as well as operating digitally and over the phone if and when needed.

St Joseph's Bereavement Service – They offer bereavement support and counselling to those in need (aged 18+). Support is available online and over the phone.

Other Local Support

City & Hackney CCG - See this website for additional weight management and healthy eating services commissioned by the care commissioning group for other age groups.

Healthwatch Hackney - This is your local health and social care champion. They make sure NHS leaders and other decision makers hear your voice and use your feedback to improve care. They can also help people to find reliable and trustworthy information and advice.

HENRY - The Best Start with HENRY service in City & Hackney is supporting hundreds of local families with children, from shortly after birth, right through to starting school – to provide a healthy, happy start in life for their children and the whole family.

Smoking cessation - Smokefree City & Hackney is the local stop smoking service for adults (18 years plus) who live, work or study in Hackney or in the City of London (or who have a City or Hackney GP.

Turning point - The City & Hackney Recovery Service is a service for residents struggling with alcohol and substance misuse issues.

Hackney Mind’s Welfare Advice Service – Their Welfare Rights service supports clients by offering welfare benefit and debt advice to adults in Hackney. Their information is free, independent, impartial and confidential. They can also support individuals access their full benefit entitlements.

Hackney Community Law Centre – Offers free legal and independent legal advice for the residents of Hackney on Employment, Housing, Asylum & Immigration & Welfare Benefits.

Women only activities via Better Health (pay as you go as well as membership options available)

Women Only Swimming

Britannia Leisure Centre – Monday 12-2pm & Wednesday 7.10-10pm

Clissold Leisure Centre – Monday 12-1pm, Tuesday 7.45-9.50pm, Thursday 12-1pm

King’s Hall Leisure Centre – Thursday 7-9.30pm

London Fields Lido – Tuesday 7.50-9pm

Women Only Gym & Classes

King’s Hall Leisure Centre, Programmable gym: Thursday 7-10pm

King’s Hall Leisure Centre, Step Aerobics – Thursday 6-7pm

King’s Hall Leisure Centre, Aqua Aerobics – Thursday 7-7.45pm & 7.45-8.30pm




Our clinic locations include:

Lower Clapton Health Centre – 36 Lower Clapton Road, London, E5 0PQ
By public transport – bus stops for 425, 242, 488, 38, 55, 106, 253 and 254 are 1-2 min walk from the centre and Homerton Station is around a 15 minute walk away.

John Scott Health Centre – Green Lanes, London, N4 2NU
By public transport – the bus stops for numbers 141, 341, 29, 253, 254, 259 and Manor House underground station are within a 4 minute walk away.

Our intervention group locations include:

St Barnabas Church – 20 Shacklewell Row, London, E8 2EA
By public transport – the bus stops for numbers 488, 67, 76, 149, 243 are all within a 3 minute walk away.

Morningside Community Centre – Cresset Road, London, E9 6SJ
By public transport – the bus stop for numbers 425, 26 and 30 are all within a 3 minute walk away.

St Leonard's Hospital – Nutall Street, London, N1 5LZ
By public transport – the bus stop for numbers 149, 242, 243, 394 are all within a 2 minute walk away and Hoxton Overground station is a 4 minute away.