Podiatric surgery

Our Consultant led Podiatric Surgery service provides treatment for a full spectrum of foot and ankle conditions. The service undertakes for both elective foot surgery cases and emergency foot surgery for high risk patients. Our team work closely with doctors and other healthcare professions to ensure that a holistic and comprehensive treatment package is offered. 

We perform day surgery under local anaesthesia offering a quicker recovery and returning home the same day. We can also offer general anaesthesia should this be necessary. Common conditions treated include:

  • bunions
  • toenail deformities
  • Morton's neuroma
  • soft tissue lesions and bumps
  • arthritis of the foot
  • flat foot deformity
  • pes cavus (high arch)
  • forefoot pain
  • tendon repairs
  • trapped nerves
  • steroid injections
  • diabetic foot infections and deformities

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