Adult physiotherapy

The adult physiotherapy service works with patients over 18 years old for musculoskeletal injuries. 

You may be referred to our adult physiotherapy service after an injury, surgery or other persistent conditions.

What to expect at your first appointment

On your first assessment we will:

  • talk to you about your condition
  • examine you
  • assess your needs
  • design a treatment plan for you

Depending on your needs, the assessment can take up to 45 minutes. We may ask you to remove your clothes from the effected area of your body, so come prepared. Wear shorts or a vest top. You can bring a family member or friend to your appointment, if you want.

Image of a physiotherapy class

The most important part of our service is your involvement through education, empowerment and participation towards your goals.

Treatment options

After your assessment, the physiotherapist will agree with you a schedule of appointments to meet your needs.

Our physiotherapy treatment can include:

  • exercise therapy – to improve your strength, control, balance and flexibility
  • manual therapy – joint mobilisations/ manipulation, soft tissue techniques such as massage, myofascial or trigger point release
  • acupuncture – to assist with pain relief and reduction of muscle tightness

Rehabilitation classes

We also offer a number of different exercise classes to support your condition.

  • knee osteoarthritis – provides education and personalised exercise programmes
  • circuit class – personalised/patient specific exercise programmes in our gym
  • shoulder class – for recovery after shoulder injury or surgery
  • anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction class – from post-surgery to return to sport