Attend Anywhere video consultations

We are now offering video consultations to some patients who have been identified by their doctor or nurse as someone who may be suitable for this type of appointment.

We recognise that the traditional face to face appointment isn’t always convenient and we know that some people need to come to hospital a number of times during their care episode. Sometimes it is possible to have a convenient video consultation from home or in your work place rather than coming to hospital. Feedback shows that some people find this more convenient and a better experience.

At the moment, a small number of eligible patients can choose whether they wish to attend their clinic appointment in person or try out the online video consultation.  We are getting their feedback to see if it improves the experience for patients and should be made available for more people.

If you have agreed to attend via a video consultation we will schedule your appointment as normal and send you details of the appointment date and time. On the date and time of your appointment you can enter the virtual clinic at the link below.

Please note: only patients who have spoken with their clinician about using a virtual clinic and received confirmation from us of a virtual clinic consultation will be able to access this virtual clinic – all other patients should attend their appointment as usual.


Video consultation instructions:

  1. Click on the following link to set-up and access the "waiting room" -
  2. Click on "start video call"
  3. Follow the instructions
  4. Wait in your private video room

Your healthcare provider will see you waiting and join you when they are ready