For GPs

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The easiest way for your patients with diabetes to be screened is to ensure that everyone with diabetes in your practice in correctly Reed coded as having the condition.  The screening programme will then receive a monthly list of everyone with diabetes - taken from regular data extracts from your practice system. 

The screening programme will send an appointment to all new patients on that list.  Old patients, known to the screening service, will receive annual appointments in any case.

If you have a new patient, and you don’t want to wait for the next quarterly electronic list collection by your PCT, you can email a Referral form to

If you experience problems with our service please email the programme manager or the clinical lead

More information for GPs
Each May we will send you a list of all patients from your surgery who failed to attend for diabetes eye screening despite being sent appointments in the last financial year. People on this list are very likely to fail to attend again. To improve your practice’s attendance rate you may wish to have a member of staff target explanation and advice to the people on this list.

The time to plan this is at the beginning of the financial year, when there are over 10 months in which to sort things out. If you leave this process to year end, you may not be able to reach all the patients, and there may not be enough clinic slots left in the screening clinics. It is worth planning ahead.

GP surgeries can access the images and results from their patients' screening encounters via a secure internet connection over the NHS 'N3' network. 

To obtain secure access please complete the Remote Access request form  and return it to