Disabled Children's Service

The Disabled Children’s Service is part of Hackney Children’s Social Care. The service provides specialist services to disabled children and young people in Hackney that meet the criteria for a Tier 3 service, as outlined in the Hackney Child Wellbeing Model. The service works with children and young people whose disabilities are permanent and substantial and who are eligible to be assessed for services.

Our service

The Disabled Children’s Service, based in the Hackney Learning Trust works in an integrated way with partner agencies in the Hackney Ark to ensure effective intervention with disabled children and their families. Specialist support and intervention for eligible disabled children and young people includes:

  • Assessment of need. For those children and young people who are assessed as needing provision of support based on their assessed needs, the Service will provide a care support package
  • Carer’s Assessments. Parents/carers of disabled children sometimes provide a substantial amount of additional care for the child/young person on a regular basis due to their disability. A carer’s assessment considers the ability of parents/carers to continue to provide care for them
  • Child protection assessments. The Disabled Children’s Service also works with those families who need support with safe and effective parenting where disabled children may be at risk of harm.  This includes casework and services for looked after children.

We can signpost disabled children, young people and their families to other agencies who may be able to help even if the child or young person is not eligible for Disabled Children’s Service intervention, such as the Targeted Health Outreach Team.

How to refer to us
Referrals into the service are received via First Response Team (Children and Young People Service).
tel: 020 8356 5500
fax: 020 8356 5516/7