Structured education and preventing diabetes

The Hackney Diabetes Centre offers a number of  structured education programmes for patients with diabetes. Patients with type 1 diabetes are offered BHICEP course and a Carbohydrate Counting workshop, and we now run a one course for patients who are newly diagnosed..

For patients with newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes we offer an EDDI course, and for those with established type 2 diabetes we offer X-PERT and X-PERT Insulin programmes.

For patients who have been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes within the last 6 years and meet referral criteria, will be offered the opportunity to take part in our pilot Low Calorie Diet (LCD) programme, Counterweight Plus. Studies have shown that people who loose significant amounts of weight (about 15kg ) and keep it off, can put ther diabetes into remission.

For referrals to our education programmes, please use this  referral form and send to

For type 1 diabetes

Remote DAFNE (Dose Adjustment For Normal Eating)

This remotely delivered course involves a pre-course appointment, online learning from home, six weekly video support calls with a trained DAFNE educator.

The course aims to help adults with Type 1 Diabetes lead as normal a life as possible, whilst also maintaining blood glucose levels within healthy targets, to reduce the risk of long-term diabetes complications and improve quality of life.

Remote Practical Carbohydrate Counting workshop

Two 2 hour sessions to help you develop skills to help you with carbohydrate counting. You will learn where carbohydrates are found and how to identify them, calculate quantity, how to manage snacks, hypos and more.

Remote or in-person Insulin Pump Demonstrations

Learn all about insulin pump therapy; which insulin pumps are available, the benefits, the potential drawbacks, and the eligibility criteria.

Remote Flash Glucose Monitor Demonstrations  (Freestyle Libre)

One and half hour session to learn more about using the FreeStyle Libre flash glucose monitoring system and get the most out of it. This is for all people with Type 1 Diabetes considering a trial or already using it. If you have Type 2 Diabetes and on multiple doses of insulin, you will learn more about whether you meet the criteria to receive the sensors on prescription




For type 2 diabetes

 X-POD - For Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes:       

A 6 session lifestyle course, for people who may be ‘at risk’ or worried about getting Type 2 Diabetes.

Newly Diagnosed?

EDDI (Education for Diabetes) 

For people newly diagnosed for less than 12 monthsTwo session course (3 hours morning or afternoon)

Diabetes for over 6 months?...

X-PERT Diabetes                                                               

A longer, more detailed course. Welcome to attend even if you have attended before. Come and update your knowledge and meet others. Six session course (3 hours morning or afternoon)

S. Asian, Ghanian, Turkish or Orthodox Jewish?...

X-PERT Diabetes in Turkish, Twi, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Bengali or specific courses for the Orthodox Jewish (OJ) community

Six sessions course (3 hours morning or afternoon) 
OJ X-PERT delivered by OJ Link Worker; Sharon Patashnik

Turkish sessions delivered by Gulistan Turan

Hindi/Urdu/ Punjabi courses delivered by Ripan Gill.

Bengali courses delivered by Nazmin and Rumina

Twi course delivered by our Ghanian Diabetes Nurse team

*All courses are offered face to face, can also be remote (on-line) if needed*