Elective Placements

Your course may include the opportunity to do placements of your choice, often called electives.

At Homerton, we wish to make it easy for student nurses in the UK or the EU to have the opportunity to experience our world-class organisation. 

An elective can provide an insight into a specialist area not offered by your course, such as an intensive care unit, accident and emergency unit, fertility, community services, etc.  

An elective can help you gain extra experience/skills for your CV, for example:

  • organising your own placement can demonstrate proactivity, planning or negotiation skills
  • making sure you develop useful employability skills during the placement itself, for example, problem-solving, flexibility and resourcefulness. 

At Homerton, our placements will allow you to experience a variety of nursing practices in specialist areas. We cannot guarantee that you will be able to undertake specific skills, but you will be able to oversee experienced registered nurses working in highly specialist areas and specialist roles.

Placements can be between one and four weeks. To ensure you receive the optimal experience a maximum of two weeks per area will be allocated. 

How to Apply
Please complete the Elective Placement application form pre-reg student.docx [docx] 65KB and e-mail the electronic copy to our student support team at huh-tr.studentsupporthomerton@nhs.net

Please include any paperwork that you require completing as part of your elective experience in your application so that we can assess if we are able to support you appropriately.

Please note submitting the form does not guarantee you a placement.