Extended Scope Physiotherapy

Extended Scope Physiotherapists or ESPs, are advanced physiotherapists with many years of clinical practice, who work beyond the recognised scope of physiotherapy practice.

Most ESPs will have a Masters in a given field and Diploma in Injection therapy. Many have worked alongside orthopaedic surgeons and rheumatologists in their practice


Many of our extended scope physiotherapists have completed training to allow them to administer injections that in some cases has been shown to provide pain relief for a variety of joints and musculoskeletal problems

As with all medications there are a variety of different combinations that can be used to assist you with a particular condition and will be discussed with you.

Although injections can provide pain relief, it is usually temporary, and the use needs to be assessed on a case by case basis and used in conjunction with your ongoing physiotherapy treatment.

The most common injections we deliver are Corticosteroid injections. Occasionally, we can refer patients for hyaluronic acid injections but these have very specific indications. 

Onward referral

Our team is based within the community hospital at St Leonards and local health centres within Hackney. We to provide assessment and treatment at these sites but we have close working links with the main Homerton hospital. If from your assessment we feel you need an additional assessment or treatment will complete a referral where you can be reviewed by a specialist team there.

Perform musculoskeletal ultrasound scanning

We have a number of extended scope physiotherapists who are trained to perform diagnostic ultrasound. If from your assessment an Ultrasound is required these will either be ordered, or most commonly performed as part of your assessment. This allows a time efficient investigation to be undertaken with the results explained to you on the same day

Order Investigations

We can learn a lot about your problem from listening to your history and then our in clinic examination. However, on certain occasions we may need additional information to confirm a diagnosis. If this is the case we may arrange for further tests to be carried out. For example, X-ray or MRI imaging or blood tests.