The Footwear Service provides therapeutic footwear for the following patients

  • congenital or acquired deformity of the foot / ankle / leg that precludes the use of normal retail footwear (insoles)
  • systemic conditions (e.g. diabetes, peripheral vascular disease) when the effect is to put the patient’s feet at risk of deterioration without the provision of special footwear
  • accommodation of developmental abnormality

The service’s key objectives are;

  • preventing or reducing the risk of foot disease
  • preventing or reducing the complications of diseases affecting the foot
  • accommodating foot deformity
  • facilitating improved gait and thus reducing musculoskeletal disease or deformity progression

The service aims to achieve these goals with footwear (retail, adapted retail, modular or bespoke) that is sufficiently cosmetically acceptable to the patient that they can carry out as much of their normal activities of daily life as possible. Please refer to Referrals and Appointments above for guidance on how to refer