Fountayne Road Health Centre

The Fountayne Road Health Centre is a community health centre and as part of Homerton University Hospital the centre offers some services from the main hospital into the community.

The centre provides the following services to the Community from Monday-Friday 9am-5pm:

Qualified registered Nurses and Health Visitors are working hard to make sure that the quality of care patients receive in the community is to the quality care standard. The Health centre consists of a group made up of representatives from Homerton services and three GP practices. There is a waiting area, reception and clinic rooms on the ground floor. The second floor is used as office space.

The building is fully accessible to the patients, general public and people with disabilities. All patients using services in the main building report to the Community Reception.

Referrals to the services based within Fountayne Rd Health Centre are made via internal and external department. Patients attending appointments are welcomed by the Community Reception Staff and directed to the clinic rooms. Transport facilities are also available subject to eligibility criteria.