Shaping Our Future, Together - Get Involved

Thank you for your interest in being part of shaping the future of Homerton Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust.

We have been listening to the people central to Homerton Healthcare, our patients, local community, and staff, over the last few months through surveys, meetings, events, and more.

All the insights from this engagement are now being pulled together to create an outline of our vision for the future and what areas we will focus on to achieve that vision.

We published an update report in August 2022, the full strategy will be published in the autumn - watch this space!

That is just the start! We'll then be looking at what steps we need to take to put the strategy into action and create a clear direction. To make sure it's the right direction, we need you to be part of this. More on that soon!

Look out for regular updates and events on this webpage, or fill in this form to be kept informed. 

Frequently asked questions

What is a ‘Strategy’ for?

It’s about establishing strategic objectives that will guide what we do over the next five years and how we do it. The new strategy will build on our strengths and make improvements where they’re needed, with the principal aim of better supporting our patients, our communities, and our people and continue delivering outstanding care for all.

Why now?

While Homerton Healthcare has a lot to be proud of, Covid-19 has changed how we work and offer care as a Trust, how we work in and with our communities, and how we work together with our partner providers, primary care, social care services, local councils, voluntary sector, and others in City and Hackney and across North East London.

As we start to recover from the pandemic, we need to get back to working in a long-term and structured way so that we can continue doing our best for our patients, our communities and our people.
There are also emerging opportunities from the changes in healthcare legislation that require us to work with our partners as part of a North East London system. Against this landscape, there is no better time for us to look to our future as Homerton Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust.
The Trust’s existing strategic objectives can be found on our website

Is the future of the Trust safe?

Shaping our future, together is about speaking to patients, staff, our community and partner providers to shape what Homerton Healthcare does over the next five years and how we do it. We’re doing this so we can be clear about our values, our direction and our priorities. Together we will build the best plan for the future so we can give better support to staff, our patients, our communities and our partners.

What service changes are envisaged?

The work taking place now is to help clarify our values, our direction and our priorities. We are not looking at service changes. 

When will priorities be put in place?

We will publish a renewed vision for Homerton Healthcare and strategic ambitions for the Trust end of summer / early autumn. A detailed strategic plan will be then be developed and launched in early 2023.

What guarantees are there that key services will remain in place in future?

Shaping our future, together is about understanding what Homerton Healthcare means to people and creating a shared vision for the trust in the future. We are not looking at service changes.