Occupational therapy

Occupational therapy treats physical and psychological conditions to help people whose health prevents them living functioning and independent lives.

Our occupational therapists work in teams and services throughout Homerton University NHS Trust, including

  • in-patients
  • intermediate care services
  • community services

People with learning disabilities can get help through the London Borough of Hackney.

Contacted Hackney ARK for services for children.

Our services 
We provide an inpatient service to the following areas:

  • acute medical/surgical wards
  • elderly rehabilitation and discharge planning
  • orthopaedic and surgical rehabilitation
  • neurological rehabilitation including stroke unit and Regional Neurological Rehabilitation Unit

We also provide a service to patients in the Bryning Unit out patient clinics who are under the care of the geriatrician consultants, and who may be experiencing falls or other difficulties at home.

We do not provide a service to other hospital outpatient clinics.

Assessment of in-patients

Occupational therapists on the in-patient wards carry out a range of assessments to determine an individual’s ability to manage everyday activities as well as they can , creating goals with individuals to improve their abilities and putting plans in place for discharge home.

Assessments may include:

  • functional assessments of daily activities such as washing and dressing and meal preparation
  • physical assessments of mobility and transfers eg on/off toilet, in/out of bath
  • cognitive assessments eg of the persons ability to plan, organise, remember how to complete daily tasks
  • home assessments of the individuals living environment to determine what might need to be put in place for a safe discharge home.

Therapy interventions and rehabilitation

Interventions may include:

  • practice of specific daily activities eg; dressing, washing, preparing snacks and hot drinks
  • re-training in how to manage specific tasks and activities to reduce the impact of a disability
  • group work to help increase social interaction, encourage communication or expression and reduce anxiety and low mood
  • advice and planning to reduce fatigue
  • alterations and modifications to the home environment before discharge home.

Our OT technician delivers and installs minor items of equipment such as raised toilet seats and commodes, and fixes minor alterations such as grab rails and stair rails to facilitate discharge home. More major items of equipment such as hoists are requested through Hackney Social Services.

In-patient referrals

Occupational therapists work closely with other members of the multidisciplinary team which may consist of physiotherapists, speech and language therapists, psychologists, nurses and doctors.

Occupational therapists work within intermediate care services which are focused on preventing admission and helping people following their discharge home from hospital: First Response Duty Team in A&E, Therapy at Home (including rehabilitation at Median Road), Orthopaedic outreach and community services, to help people manage the effects of long term disabilities. The Adult Community Rehabilitation Team, and the City and Hackney Wheelchair Service are based at St Leonards primary care centre and provide rehabilitation for people at home and assessments for wheelchairs.

People living at home

People living at home who are not in-patients and are having difficulties with managing practical daily living activities because of a disability or though ill health or because of the effects of increasing age, can contact Social Services occupational therapists through the Information and Assessment team at the London Borough of Hackney.