Our simulators

Meet our high fidelity simulators

We have four  simulators at the sim centre: SimMan; SimJunior, SimBaby and SimNewB

SimMan is a portable and advanced patient simulator for team training. It has realistic anatomy and clinical functionality and provides simulation-based education to challenge and test participants’ clinical and decision-making skills during realistic patient care scenarios.

Sim Junior
SimJunior is a high fidelity child simulator.

SimBaby is an advanced infant simulator for team training with realistic anatomy and clinical functionality and allows learners to practice and perfect their skills in a risk-free environment.

SimNewB meets the training requirements of neonatal emergency medicine and is authentic and comprehensive. The simulator represents a full term, 50th percentile newborn female and allows teams to practice in a safe environment.

In addition to the above another sim Man 3G is located in Intensive care unit and a low fidelity  Premature baby in NICU

The LapSim creates the environment of abdominal keyhole surgery, providing a safe and effective learning experience. It utilises advanced 3D technology, to provide the trainee with a realistic virtual working environment. Practice sessions can vary in graphic complexity as well as in the level of difficulty.

The GI-BRONCH Mentor is a combined platform for virtual reality simulation training of GI endoscopy and Flexible Bronchoscopy.