Medical team

Dr Sheena Barnett  - Consultant physician in Adult Allergy and Asthma, and Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer

Dr Timothy J Watts - Clinical Lead for Allergy.
Consultant Physician in Adult Allergy, Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer, and Lead for Drug Allergy Service. Special interests in Drug Hypersensitivity.

Dr Gemma Vila-Nadal – Locum Allergy Consultant

Respiratory Speciality Registrars (rotational x2)

Immunology Specialty Registrars (rotational x1)

Nursing & Allied Health Professional Team

Thippeswamy Billahalli - Lead Nurse-Adult Allergy
Image of Thippeswamy Billahalli
He has A&E and Respiratory background over 15 years and has been working in the allergy service for over 2 years. He has undergone training in the management of allergy related problems particularly immunotherapy, urticaria, anaphylaxis management, drug and food allergy challenges.

Claire Leck (nee Roaf) - Allergy nurse specialist
Claire has background experience of working in cardiology for over 5 years.  She has been the current post for over 5 years. She is trained in immunotherapy, food challenges, asthma care and anti IgE therapy

Rama Gorrela - Lead Respiratory Physiologist
Rama, assisted by two junior respiratory/allergy physiologists / allergy technicians – undertake both allergy and respiratory tests.
Lung Function enquiries please contact 020 8510 7803.

Elizabeth Barachina – Allergy Clinical Nurse Specialist
Dayana Angel Nallamuthu – Associate Allergy Nurse Specialist
Xhoana Dashi-Smaili – Allergy Staff Nurse
Mattia Visintin – Allergy Administrator
Jane Sinden - Respiratory Secretary -020 8510 5190
Lorraine Gannon – Respiratory Secretary – 020 8510 7769
John Oniye – Respiratory Secretary - 020 8510 7814

Vacant post - Allergy Dietician post is currently vacant. However, currently covered by allergy dietician via staff bank

Wlodek Mulkowski - Service manager
Samina Rasheed - Allergy administrator
Adult Allergy service - 020 8510 7729