Bariatric surgery patient testimonials

Patient A
I had bariatric surgery last autumn at Homerton Hospital and I found every aspect of my medical journey to be informative and welcoming. Everyone was polite and courteous and nothing was too much trouble . This included the surgeon, anaesthetist, nurses, dietitians and the specialist bariatric nurses.

The pre-op seminars were informative and helpful and made the process a lot less daunting and the recovery was very short. The lung department was kind enough to lend me a cpap machine on the day of my I unfortunately left mine at home! On the day of my surgery I was anxious and the anaesthetist named Christian calmed me down and was very professional in reassuring me.

I would like to thank each and every one involved in my care. After the surgery I was hardly in bed at all and was up and walking around in the ward without any pain the next day.  I am doing extremely well and losing weight steadily. To date I’ve have lost around five stone and I have my life back and that is all thanks to you and your team.

Patient B
I had a Bariatric bypass 18 months ago and since then my health has had a remarkable turnaround for the best. Prior to my bariatric bypass, I had diabetes and was on the verge of having to inject insulin. I had sleep apnoea and I weighed 31 stone. Needless to say I  also had the usual aches and pains associated with being overweight, I found getting around very difficult and stopped doing lots of activities that I once enjoyed. I could not see my life getting any better as I had tried almost every diet there was from the age of 14.

Since the bypass my life has changed dramatically. I no longer have diabetes or sleep apnoea and I have been discharged after a recent sleep study confirmed that my sleep apnoea has been cured. I am feeling much more confident within myself and best of all, I have lost over 16 stone. I now have a new energy about me & wake up most mornings with a spring in my step.

I have found the whole experience of the bypass a very positive one, from pre-op up to present day. The advice and literature that I received from the team was very helpful leading up to the operation helping me to focus and get me in the right frame of mind. The ward that I recovered from the op was very clean and this was remarked by the friends and family who visited me. The medical and nursing staff could not have done anymore for me. They made me feel very comfortable and answered all my questions.

After surgery I was invited to take part in a pilot project called the PACE group. This group educated me in the importance of exercise after the operation. Al Myers, who ran the group, would set up an exercise routine each week and also organised various speakers each week. I found this very helpful with different subjects such as diet, on-going exercise opportunities after the PACE group finishes such as a training programme tailored to me. I found this group a great motivational tool and a springboard to continue my on-going effort in keeping fit both physically & mentally.

One of my fears after having surgery was that once I had the surgery there would be very little or no after support. I could not have been more wrong. I was given contact numbers for the bariatric dietitians and nurses who always got back in contact with me if I could not initially speak to them and left them messages. I attend all the follow-up appointments which I find really helpful and a big part of maintaining my new positive life change.

One of the other things I have found to be a great help is the formation of the Bariatric Patient Support Group which was set up by the team. This is run once a month and gives a chance to hear guest speakers, ask and speak to members of the bariatric team. We are also able to speak to people who have previously had bariatric surgery and to those who are waiting to have surgery.

Overall this has been a life changing experience for me and my only regret is that I never had surgery years ago. I now feel that I am as healthy as I have been in years and I feel that I will live a better quality and longer life than if I didn’t have surgery.

Patient C
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent care and attention I received both before, during and after my operation to have a gastric by-pass.

From the first meeting at the hospital with the bariatric nurse and Dietitians through to the operation itself, which took place  in autumn last year, the information, care and attention I received was second to none.

The information I received during the initial appointments was given in such a way that I could easily understand everything that was going to take place. Everything was delivered in a very friendly, informal manner, which immediately put me at my ease. I felt comfortable to ask questions and was more than satisfied with the answers I received. Everyone was excellent but I have to make special mention of your dietitian Cleverly - she had so much empathy and understanding and is definitely first class at her job.

When the day of the operation arrived, it was very daunting to go to the operating suite with so many other people – but almost immediately I was put at my ease by the nursing staff.  When the doctors started to come and talk to me about the operation, it was again done in such an understanding way that I was quite calm about the procedure. On arrival, the registrar calmly told me about the operation and what they would be doing and why. Again thank you for the way you spoke to me. At no time did I feel uncomfortable with the information and facts that you had given me. When it was time to go into the actual operating theatre, although a bit daunting to walk there, I felt completely calm about what was about to take place.

The aftercare that I received from the staff on the ward was incredible, nothing was too much trouble. As a result of that care and attention I was able to go home on the third day. Again I have to make special mention of one of the staff nurses, I think her name was Cecelia -  her care and empathy was first class, a lovely lady.

My subsequent aftercare appointments have been equally good. It was a pleasure to attend your clinic.  I am continuing to lose weight and feel very well. 

From the car park attendant, the outpatients department, the nursing staff and everyone else involved – YOU ARE ALL FIRST CLASS!!