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We offer a digital and face-to-face 12-week intervention for children, young people and their families  5-19 yrs who are above a healthy weight  (BMI >91st centile).

Our service has input from Physiotherapy, Dietetics, Health Coach, CAMHS and Nursing.

Please contact us for information, to request training, or to make a referral for yourself, a family member or a family you work on.


020 7014 7066 Monday – Friday 9am - 5pm
Hannah Pickard - Service Lead


There are six parts to this referral. By pressing Proceed you are taken to the next part. On each occasion the page will refresh and the next part will appear. When you complete the sixth part - Additional Information - and press proceed the form will automatically arrive in our mailbox and you will see a thank you message on the screen with a reference number. We will be in contact after that. One of the questions asks about your body mass index (BMI). This is a fairly simple calculation which you can make following the NHS website guide - BMI calculator | Check your BMI - NHS | Please fill in your details (www.nhs.uk)

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